The Boyz profile: members' names, age, Instagram, debut

The Boyz profile: members' names, age, Instagram, debut

K-pop has become a huge global sensation because of its unique melodies. It is not a wonder that everyone is falling in love with The Boyz. This all-boys group has brought to the industry a distinct combination of tunes and smooth choreography. Boyz profile will help you to get acquainted with this amazing group.

The Boyz profile update
Image:, @official_theboyz
Source: Instagram

The Boyz is a K-pop music group that has fans falling head over heels. Before their debut, some members appeared in music videos while others were contestants of survival programs. They, however, came together to form this phenomenal group. Are you ready to be acquainted with The Boyz profile?

The Boyz Kpop

The Boyz started as a 12 member South Korean boy group signed under Cre.Ker Entertainment. However, one member left in 2019 and they are currently 11. The team debuted on 6th December 2017. The Boyz profile update is as follows:

  • Name: The Boyz
  • Also Known: Cre.kerz
  • Genres: K-pop
  • Years active: 2017- present
  • Website:

The Boyz logo

The group logo is:

The Boyz logo
Image:, @officialTHEBOYZ
Source: Facebook

The Boyz members

The Boyz Hwall whose real name is Heo Hyun Joon was the 12th member. He, however, had to leave the group due to various health reasons. The current Boyz names are:

  • Juhaknyeon
  • Youghoon
  • New
  • Juyeon
  • Hyunjae
  • Sangyeon
  • Sunwoo
  • Q
  • Kevin
  • Jacob
  • Eric

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The Boyz members profile

Below is a summary of the members names, birthdays and positions.


The Boyz album
Image:, @official_theboyz
Source: Instagram
  • Name: Lee Sang Yeon
  • Stage name: Sangyeon
  • Birth-date: 4th November 1996
  • Nationality: Korean
  • Position: Leader, main vocalist

Facts about Sangyeon

  • His English name is Jayden Lee.
  • He went to Hanlim Art High School.
  • His loves snowboarding.
  • He hates sashimi.


The Boyz Instagram
Image:, @official_theboyz
Source: Instagram
  • Name: Jacob Bae
  • Stage name: Jacob
  • Birth-date: 30th May 1997
  • Nationality: Canadian
  • Position: Lead vocalist

Facts about Jacob

  • He was born in Toronto, Canada.
  • He is fluent in English.
  • He is allergic to cats.
  • Jacob is left-handed and loves playing the guitar.


The Boyz Twitter
Image:, @official_theboyz
Source: Instagram
  • Name: Lee Ju Yeon
  • Stage name: Juyeon
  • Birth-date: 15th January 1998
  • Nationality: Korean
  • Position: Main dancer, vocalist, visual

Facts about Juyeon

  • The Boyz Juyeon attended Seoul Samyook High School.
  • His English name is Joel Lee.
  • Juyeon, The Boyz visual, can speak English and Japanese.
  • His special talents are dance and flexibility.

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The Boyz songs
Image:, @official_theboyz
Source: Instagram
  • Name: Kevin Moon
  • Stage name: Kevin
  • Birth-date: 23rd February 1998
  • Nationality: Canadian
  • Position: Main vocalist

Facts about Kevin

  • He is from Vancouver, Canada and is fluent English.
  • His nickname is Keb.
  • The Boyz Kevin is very good at drawing and plays the piano.
  • He only went to college for four days before dropping out to join the team.


The Boyz kpop
Image:, @official_theboyz
Source: Instagram
  • Name: Kim Young Hoon
  • Stage name: Younghoon
  • Birth-date: 8th August 1997
  • Nationality: Korean
  • Position: Vocalist, visual

Facts about Younghoon

  • His English name is Jelly Kim.
  • The Boyz Younghoon loves watching movies.
  • Younghoon, The Boyz shy lad, also modelled for "Paul Miranda Italy Pictorial."
  • His favorite color is pool blue.


The Boyz debut date
Image:, @official_theboyz
Source: Instagram
  • Name: Choi Chan Hee
  • Stage name: New
  • Birth-date: 26th April 1998
  • Nationality: Korean
  • Position: Main vocalist

Facts about New

  • His English tag is New Choi.
  • He loves listening to music.
  • New has a tattoo of a cross on his left pinky.
  • He did a lot of part-time jobs at a grill restaurant.

The Boyz: Q

The Boyz names
Image:, @official_theboyz
Source: Instagram
  • Name: Ji Chang Min
  • Stage name: Q
  • Birth-date: 5th November 1998
  • Nationality: Korean
  • Position: Main dancer, vocalist

Facts about Q

  • His English name is James Ji.
  • He is known for his long neck.
  • Q loves horror movies and Spongebob.


The Boyz members
Image:, @official_theboyz
Source: Instagram
  • Name: Lee Jae Hyun
  • Stage name: Hyunjae
  • Birth-date: 13th September 1997
  • Nationality: Korean
  • Position: Lead vocalist, lead dancer, visual

Facts about Hyunjae

  • His English tag is Jerry Lee.
  • Hyunjae The Boyz lead vocalist, has a specialty in playing sports.
  • His favorite food is fried chicken.
  • Hyunjae graduated from Hanlim Art High School.


The Boyz age
Image:, @official_theboyz
Source: Instagram
  • Name: Ju Hak Nyeon
  • Stage name: Juhaknyeon
  • Birth-date: 9th March 1999
  • Nationality: Korean
  • Position: Lead dancer, vocalist, rapper

Facts about Juhaknyeon

  • His nickname is Jeju Boy.
  • He loves skiing and playing badminton.
  • Juhaknyeon was a participant on produce 101 season 2.
  • His favorite color is white.

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The Boyz profile update
Image:, @official_theboyz
Source: Instagram
  • Name: Son Young Jae
  • Stage name: Eric
  • Birth-date: 22nd December 2000
  • Nationality: Korean
  • Position: Lead dancer, vocalist, rapper, maknae

Facts about Eric

  • He was born in South Korea but grew up in Los Angeles, California, USA.
  • He loves playing sports, dancing and skating.
  • Eric shares a room with New.
  • He is best friends with "Idol" star, Felix.


The Boyz members
Image:, @official_theboyz
Source: Instagram
  • Name: Kim Sun Woo
  • Stage name: Sunwoo
  • Birth-date: 12th April 2000
  • Nationality: Korean
  • Position: Main rapper, vocalist

Facts about Sunwoo

  • His English tag is Joe Kim.
  • He can understand English but cannot speak it.
  • Sunwoo is a former soccer player.
  • His specialty is fast rapping.

The Boyz age order

The group members' age ranges from 23 years to 19 years. According to the The Boyz profile, the order from the oldest to the youngest is as follows:

  • Sangyeon: 23 years
  • Jacob: 22 years
  • Younghoon: 22 years
  • Hyunjae: 22 years
  • Juyeon: 22 years
  • Kevin: 21 years
  • New: 21 years
  • Q: 21 years
  • Juhaknyeon: 20 years
  • Sunwoo: 19 years
  • Eric: 19 years


On The Boyz debut date, they officially released a mini-album titled, "The First." They also have various extended plays as well as singles. The Boyz album "Reveal" which was released on 10th February 2020 is their first studio album. Here is a list of their songs:

  • Singles
  1. Am Your Boy
  2. Boy
  3. Walking In Time
  4. Giddy Up
  5. Keeper
  6. Right Here
  7. No Air
  8. Bloom Bloom
  9. D D D
  10. Tattoo
  11. White
  • New album "Reveal":
  1. Ego
  2. Reveal
  3. Shake You Down
  4. Scar
  5. Salty
  6. 환상고백
  7. Wings
  8. Goodbye
  9. Spring Snow

Social media accounts

The Boyz Instagram account has over one million followers. The Boyz Twitter, however, has slightly over three hundred and forty four thousand followers. Their official pages are:

Facebook: officialTHE BOYZ

Twitter: Creker_THEBOYZ

Instagram: @official_theboyz


This amazing all-boy group has proven that they can surely deliver amazing tracks to their fans always. From The Boyz profile, we can see that they are multi-talented and they all love what they do. We hope they will continue to release great music because they have already become a favorite of many people.


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