Shinee members profile: age, height, girlfriends, are they close

Shinee members profile: age, height, girlfriends, are they close

If you are a fan of K-pop and bands, then you must be fond of the Shinee members. Having been considered one of the best live vocal groups in K-pop, this boy band has gained popularity around the world. This fame is attributed to the hard work of each one of them.

Shinee members age
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Initially, this South Korean boy band was made up of five artists. However, it now has four, after one of the Shinee members died in December 2017. Each of them has a unique personality that makes them blend well in the band.

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Shinee members profile

Here are Shinee members names and some general details about them;

Shinee members Onew

  • Stage name: Onew
  • Birth name: Lee Jin Ki
  • Birthday: December 14, 1989
  • Hometown: Gwangmyeong, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
  • Position: Leader, main vocalist

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  • Stage name: Key
  • Birth name: Kim Ki Bum
  • Birthday: September 23, 1991
  • Hometown: Daegu, South Korea
  • Position: Lead rapper, lead dancer, vocalist

Shinee members Minho

  • Stage name: Minho
  • Birth name: Choi Min Ho
  • Birthday: December 9, 1991
  • Hometown: Incheon, South Korea
  • Position: Main rapper, visual, vocalist


  • Stage name: Taemin
  • Birth name: Lee Tae Min
  • Birthday: July 18, 1993
  • Hometown: Seoul, South Korea
  • Position: Main dancer, Maknae, lead vocalist

Shinee members at funeral

Jonghyun, the former main vocalist in this musical group, passed on in December 17, 2017. He was laid to rest four days later. His bandmates led the procession at his funeral.

Other Shinee members facts

Here are some other fascinating facts about the artists in this boy band;

Shinee members age order

Onew is the oldest in the group. He is 30 years old. Second after him is Key, who is 28 years old. Minho is also 28 years old. However, Key and Minho are almost age mates; Key is older by three months only. Taemin is the youngest member and is 26 years old.

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Most fans ponder on Shinee members height, since they all appear to be almost of the same height in their pictures. However, some are taller than others. Here are their height measurements in order;

  • Minho: 184 cm
  • Key: 181 cm
  • Taemin: 179 cm
  • Onew: 178 cm

Shinee members nicknames

Each of the individuals in this group is also known by one or two nicknames.

  • Onew is nicknamed the Leader Onew, Tofu, Ontokki, Dubu, and Onewhan.
  • Key’s nicknames are KimKet, Key Umma, and the Almighty Key.
  • Minho’s nicknames are Frog Prince Minho and Flaming Charisma Minho.
  • Taemin is nicknamed Handy Boy Taemin, Dancing Machine, Taeminnie, Tae, Taememe, Maknae Taemin, and Taem.


Who are Shinee members girlfriends? Many have wondered. While all the four artists have been rumored or associated with some ladies in the past, they all have claimed that they were just friends with these women.

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Instagram profiles

If you want to keep up with Taemin, Key, Minho, and Onew daily, check out their Instagram profiles. Here are Shinee members Instagram pages;

  • Onew: @dlstmxkakwldrl
  • Taemin: @Im_ltm
  • Minho: @shinee.minho
  • Key: @bumkeyk

Shinee members religion

Key and Taemin are said to be Christians. However, we found no reports online on Minho’s and Onew’s religious backgrounds. Both of them have never spoken about religion on record.

Are Shinee members close to each other?

Having been together for more than ten years now, these four boy band members are quite close. Their closeness is often visible on and off stage. Also, at some point, Key and Onew were living together, an indication that theirs is more than just a business relationship.

In an interview they did in 2018, Key noted that they even got closer when they stopped living with each other.

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For most fans, their contentment lies in knowing all the interesting facts about their favorite celebrities. Now that you have this information about Shinee members, you can attest to being a satisfied fan of the group.

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