GirlTrends members: profile, names, ages, height, fun facts

GirlTrends members: profile, names, ages, height, fun facts

Many singing and dance groups have dominated the music industry in recent years especially in the Philippines. If you are a fan of dance, then you definitely know GirlTrends. This group consists of talented, beautiful ladies. GirlTrends members will have you dancing to any tune they perform because of their amazing skills.

GirlTrends members profile
Image:, @showtimegirltrends
Source: Instagram

GirlTrends is a dance group introduced on 13th Feb 2016 at the Philippine noontime show, “It’s Showtime.” The group was introduced as a distaff counterpart of the Hashtags. It is an all-girl group made of young actresses. All the GirlTrends members are former Pinoy Big brother housemates.

GirlTrends members

The group started with 22 members, but most left, and they are currently 7. The GirlTrends list of both the current and former members is:

  1. Chienna Filomeno
  2. Mikee Agustin
  3. Krissha Viaje
  4. Jessica Marasigan
  5. Joana Hipolito
  6. Mica Javier
  7. Sammie Rimando
  8. Karen Reyes
  9. Maris Racal
  10. Loisa Andalio
  11. Miho Nishida
  12. Devon Seron
  13. Barbie Imperial
  14. Riva Quenery
  15. Jane de Leon
  16. Nikki Gonzales
  17. Leyana Magat
  18. Kelley Day
  19. Erin Ocampo
  20. Kamille Filoteo
  21. Maika Rivera
  22. Dawn Chang

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GirlTrends profile

Here is the profile of the GirlTrends members names, birthdays, and birthplace. The profile is inclusive of the old GirlTrends members who were pioneers of the group.


  • Name: Chienna Filomeno
  • Birthday: 15th August 1996
  • Birthplace: Philippines
  • Star: Leo
  • Instagram: @chiefilomeno

Facts about Chienna

  • She is a cosplayer.
  • She is an Instagram star with over two million followers.
  • Chienna has played the guitar since she was 10 years old.
  • She modeled alongside Janina Manipol in 2016 at the GUESS spring/summer collection launch.


  • Name: Mikee Trixia M. Agustin
  • Birthday: 23rd August 1993
  • Birthplace: Philippines
  • Star: Virgo
  • Instagram: @iammikeeagustin

Facts about Mikee

  • She is a model, dancer, and host
  • She is from Baliuag, Bulacan.
  • She became an Ambassador for SuplusPH.
  • Her parents separated when she was young.

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  • Name: Krissha Viaje
  • Birthday: 12th October 1992
  • Birthplace: Pasig, Philippines
  • Star: Libra
  • Instagram: @imkrisshav

Facts about Krissha

  • She released an album in 2015.


  • Name: Joana Jane Hippolito
  • Birthday: 24th June 1998
  • Birthplace: Dasmarinas, Philippines
  • Star: Cancer

Facts about Joana

  • She is a dancer and host.
  • She studied at the University of the East.
  • She was a cheerleader.


  • Name: Mica Cecille Javier
  • Birthday: 29 July 1993
  • Birthplace: Manila, Philippines
  • Star: Leo
  • Instagram: @mica

Facts about Mica

  • She is a singer-songwriter, model, and entrepreneur.
  • GirlTrends Mica attended the Gallatin School of individualized Study.
  • Her father is called Sandy Javier.


  • Name: Sammie Rimando
  • Birthday: 5th Feb 1998
  • Birthplace: Manila, Philippines
  • Star: Aquarius

Facts about Sammie

  • She is a Tik-Tok star
  • GirlTrends Sammie has a younger sister


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  • Name: Dawn Chang
  • Birthday: 29th Jan 1989
  • Birthplace: Philippines
  • Star: Aquarius

Facts about Dawn

  • She is a baker, and she runs a cake and cupcake shop.
  • She is a dance teacher in Australia, specializing in ballet.
  • She has a swimwear line called TANNED.
  • Two mothers raised her.


  • Name: Erin Ocampo
  • Birthday: 29th March 1996
  • Birthplace: Philippines
  • Star: Aries
  • Instagram: @erinocampox

Facts about Erin

  • Erin GirlTrends is an actress dancer and host.
  • GirlTrends Erin signed with Star Magic in 2012.

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  • Name: Maria Anna Kristina Kamille Santos Filoteo
  • Birthday: 7th Dec 1996
  • Birthplace: Philippines
  • Star: Sagittarius
  • Instagram: @kamillefiloteox

Facts about Kamille

  • She studied psychology.
  • GirlTrends Kamille became pregnant as a teenager.
  • She has a daughter named Aneeka.
  • She enjoys dancing.


  • Name: Kelly Day
  • Birthday: 11th Dec 1996
  • Birthplace: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Star: Sagittarius
  • Instagram: @itskelleyday

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Facts about Kelley

  • She has been active in modeling since she was six.
  • GirlTrends Kelly is half Filipino and half English.


GirlTrends members
Image:, @showtimegirltrends
Source: Instagram
  • Name: Maika Jae Rivera Tanpoco
  • Birthday: 27th October 1995
  • Birthplace: Angeles City, Philippines
  • Star: Scorpio
  • Instagram: @riveramaika

Facts about Maika

  • She is a tennis player, model, and actress.
  • She acted in the drama show “The Blood Sisters".
  • She has played in country sports since the year 2000.

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GirlTrends list
Image:, @justmekarenreyes
Source: Instagram
  • Name: Karen Mae Reyes
  • Birthday: 17th Oct 1996
  • Birthplace: Calapan, Philippines
  • Star: Libra
  • Instagram: @justmekarenreyes

Facts about Karen

  • She lost her father in an automobile accident when she was young.
  • She is also known as Makarena
  • She went to Jose J. Leido, Jr. Memorial National High School
  • Her mother is called Claire Reyes


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GirlTrends members names
Image:, @showtimegirltrends
Source: Instagram
  • Name: Mariestella Rascal
  • Birthday: 22 Sept 1997
  • Birthplace: Tagum, Philippines
  • Star: Virgo
  • Instagram: @mariesteller

Facts about Maris

  • She is a singer, TV personality and actress.
  • She plays the guitar and piano.
  • She starred in the film “The Breakup Playlist.”
  • She went to St. Mary’s College and Trinity University of Asia.


GirlTrends members height
Image:, @showtimegirltrends
Source: Instagram
  • Name: Josefina Loisa Francisco Andalio
  • Birthday: 21st April 1999
  • Birthplace: Paranaque, Philippines
  • Star: Taurus
  • Instagram: @iamandalioloisa

Facts about Loisa

  • She is an actress dancer and singer.
  • She was part of a singing and dance group called 3G.
  • She has three siblings.
  • She has dated dancer Ronnie Alonte.


GirlTrends list
Image:, @showtimegirltrends
Source: Instagram
  • Name: Miho Lalic Nishida
  • Birthday: 16th Dec 1992
  • Birthplace: Angono, Philipines
  • Star: Sagittarius
  • Instagram: @real.miho_nishida

Facts about Miho

  • She is a model and actress.
  • She was born in the Philippines but raised in Japan since she was two years old.
  • She became the winner of Pinoy Big Brother in 2015.
  • She is a single mother of a daughter.

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GirlTrends news
Image:, @showtimegirltrends
Source: Instagram
  • Name: Devon Seron
  • Birthday: 20th May 1993
  • Birthplace: Philippines
  • Star: Taurus
  • Instagram: @devonseron

Facts about Devon

  • She went to STI College.
  • She is a performer and host.
  • Big Brother paid part of her tuition in high school.
  • She is doing a degree in Business Management


GirlTrends scandal
Image:, @showtimegirltrends
Source: Instagram
  • Name: Barbie Concina Imperial
  • Birthday: 1st August 1998
  • Birthplace: Philippines
  • Star: Leo

Facts about Barbie

  • She is from Albay.
  • She is known for her lead role in “Araw Gabi.”
  • She is a cousin to the Gumabao siblings.
  • She has a brother.


GirlTrends members height
Image:, @showtimegirltrends
Source: Instagram
  • Name: Riva Gabriela Quenery
  • Birthday: 29th May 1998
  • Birthplace: Philippines
  • Star: Gemini

Facts about Riva

  • She played volleyball and badminton growing up.
  • She has a brother named Robert.


GirlTrends new members
Image:, @showtimegirltrends
Source: Instagram
  • Name: Jane Florence Benitez de Leon
  • Birthday: 21st Nov 1999
  • Birthplace: Philippines
  • Star: Scorpio
  • Instagram: @imjanedeleon

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Facts about Jane

  • She is a model and actress.
  • Jane de Leon GirlTrends has acted in various television shows, such as ASAP.


  • Name: Nikki Gonzales
  • Birthday: 23rd Feb 1999
  • Birthplace: Philippines
  • Star: Pisces

Facts about Nikki

  • She is an actress dancer and model.


GirlTrends new members
Image:, @showtimegirltrends
Source: Instagram
  • Name: Leyana Magat
  • Birthday: 31st August 1997
  • Birthplace: Manila, Philippines
  • Star: Virgo

Facts about Leyana

  • She attended St. Jerome School of Novaliches in Quezon City.
  • She is a model and singer.
  • She does farming.
  • She has a sister named Yanyan.


GirlTrends height
Image:, @showtimegirltrends
Source: Instagram
  • Name: Jessica Marasigan
  • Birthday: 7th Jan 1994
  • Birthplace: Los Angeles, CA
  • Star: Capricon

Facts about Jessica

  • She is a model, singer, and dancer.
  • Both her parents are Filipinos.
  • Jessica GirlTrends competed in Miss Philippines USA beauty pageant.
  • She won Miss Philippines Earth-Water 2017.

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GirlTrends height

The height of the members of the group is as follows:

  • Barbie 163 cm
  • Karen 170 cm
  • Kelly 170 cm
  • Krisha 157 cm
  • Chienna: 163 cm
  • Devon: 163 cm
  • Maika: 168 cm
  • Maris: 160 cm
  • Mica: 170 cm
  • Leyana: 157 cm
  • Loisa: 162 cm
  • Jane: 160 cm
  • Riva: 163 cm
  • Mikee: 163 cm
  • Joana: 160 cm
  • Nikki: 157cm
  • Dawn: 157cm
  • Miho: 170 cm

GirlTrends scandal

A netizen called lgbtquuu made accusations against Chienna on Instagram. He claimed that GirlTrends Chienna was being scandalous with Hashtags member Zeus. He flooded her post with comments claiming that he had CCTV footage of the two at a parking lot in ABS-CBN.

He went ahead to claim that she also did lewd acts for money. However, KAMI reported that Chienna had denied the claims.

Where are the GirlTrends now?

On 9th May 2019, GirlTrends announced that they were reinventing by changing their name to GT. They debuted as GT with a single titled” Breakthrough.” This GirlTrends news was received with mixed reactions by fans. They, however, assured their fans that they had come back bigger and better.

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In an interview, Mica said that the screenings were held under the supervision of director Laurenti Dyogi. They selected from among 100 auditionees the ladies fitting to become GirlTrends new members. After the auditions the chosen GirlTrends names included:

  • Chienna Filomeno
  • Mikee Agustin
  • Krissha Viaje
  • Jessica Marasigan
  • oana Hipolito
  • Mica Javier
  • Sammie Rimando

Although the group has fewer members now, they have come back more fierce and determined to deliver. GirlTrends members are still a force to reckon. We hope you have enjoyed getting to know them better.


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