Facts and Life Hacks From Philippines

Bumuhos ang tulong mula sa netizens para kay lola na umiiyak sa viral na video
A video of an old lady who cried over relief goods has recently gone viral. Following this news, an update about the old woman's condition was posted online.
Anak, isinalaysay ang nakakaiyak na pagpanaw ng kanyang ama
A netizen recently shared that her father had to be admitted to the hospital. However, no one wanted to accommodate him in fear that he may have the virus.
Pres. Duterte's grandson releases official statement on controversial S&R incident
Omar Duterte has addressed the issue about the grocery store he recently visited. In his online post, he apologized for not following the protocol of the store.
Fact check: No, COVID-19 vaccines are not yet available to the public
A post of a netizen about a vaccine for COVID-19 has recently gone viral. In his post, a medical product which had the label "COVID-19 lgM/lgG" was featured.
Umiyak na lola dahil 'di naabutan ng relief goods, dumurog sa puso ng netizens
A netizen's online post and video about an old woman who cried after not being able to get her own pack of relief goods has recently gone viral on social media.
20 most expensive cars in the world today
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Adamson University address, admission, courses offered, notable alumni (2020)
Would you wish to join ⭐ADAMSON UNIVERSITY⭐? How about you first get to know about the history of the institution, the courses offered, and their tuition fee?
Leody de Guzman: biography, politics, and activism
The former senatorial aspirant, ⭐LEODY DE GUZMAN⭐, is one of the most popular politicians and activists in the Philippines. How much do you know about him?
A comprehensive guide on how to use GCash
The fundamental issue to most GCash subscribers has been ⭐HOW TO USE GCASH⭐. How about an elaborate guide on how to access and use some services available?
15 most expensive sneakers 2020
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12 most expensive wedding venues in the world
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Every interesting detail you should know about the 1901 BIR Form
☛1901 BIR FORM☛ allows the Bureau of Internal Revenue to account for taxation details of individual taxpayers, trusts, and estates. Find out more about it here.
Top 5 most expensive electric cars today
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Caldereta recipe Filipino style: visualised guide
Try this delightful and tasty ⭐CALDERETA RECIPE⭐ to impress your family and friends. You can cook this hearty dish with beef, chicken, and goat, among others.
Detailed guide on how start a water refilling station
Starting a ⭐WATER REFILLING STATION⭐ can be an easy exercise if you take time to learn the steps involved. It is indeed one good and lucrative business idea.
Juris Doctor degree: Meaning, program, jobs, how to become one
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Rudy Gobert: Biography, age, height, career and latest news
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Donovan Mitchell: Biography, age, birthday, height, coronavirus
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Call center interview: how to pass in 2020? Tips and tricks
Tips and tricks on passing⭐CALL CENTER INTERVIEW⭐ will make you stand a better chance at being hired. Continue reading this post to learn more about the same.
Hantavirus: Is this another potential outbreak after coronavirus?
⭐HANTAVIRUS⭐ is a deadly virus that belongs to the family of Bunyaviridae. It is mainly spread by rodents such as rats. It causes different types of diseases.
A comprehensive guide on how to get driver's license in the Philippines
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Giniling recipe: A visualized guide on how to cook
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