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Apink is a six-member group under Plan A Entertainment. It is one of the most popular K-pop girl groups in South Korea. Since their debut in 2011, Apink members have remained outstanding. Their great brand manifests not only in their appearances but also in the songs they have so far released. That said, how well do you know the Apink members?

Apink members' popularity has spread far and wide as they are no longer listened to in South Korea alone but in their entire world. Although the group has existed for some time now, a few of their fans know these beautiful ladies. To many, crucial details such as Apink members names, age, and much more remains unknown. A more in-depth look at all the members would unearth much that is unknown about them.

The group debuted in 2011 with their best selling extended play (EP) titled Seven Springs of Apink. Previously, the team constituted seven members. However, after Oh Ha-young, one of the Apink members left, the group has six ladies forming it.

Apink members profile summary

Other than Apink members' stage name, for which they are popularly identified with, each one of the Kpop Apink members has a unique set of characters she portrays. Talk about Apink members' nicknames, religion, and much more.

The pieces of information below show Apink members' age, height, their relationship status, and their social media accounts.


Random facts about Naeun


Random facts about Park Cho Rong


Random facts about Eunji

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Random facts about Bomi


Random facts about Namjoo


Amazing facts about Apink members Hayoung

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A glance at the group's discography

Other than Apink members Mr Chu, which other song and album do you know from this celebrated group of artists?

Well, the team's popularity has not come from mysteriously. They are a hardworking team which has released several numbers, some of which have won them awards. Find below Apink members' discography.

Why did Hong Yookyung leave Apink?

She left because her father did not pay for her dorm. Other members in the group who were in similar circumstances were also kicked out.

What is Apink members' religion?

Five of the members of the group are Christians. Hayoung, Namjoo, and Bomi are protestant Christians while Chorong and Naeun are Catholics. Jung Eun Ji's religion is unknown.

Who among Apink members is dating?

The topic on Apink members boyfriends has been a thing of great interest to most of their fans. Well, other than rumors which have surfaced about some of them dating, none has confirmed them as genuine. Nonetheless, in an interview with Ilgan Sports in 2012, the members said that their dating cells are not yet developed.

Apink members accounts

This celebrated group of artists has actively used various social media platforms to reach out to some of their fans. If you are interested in some of their most recent updates, you can follow them using the links below.

Apink is, without a doubt, one of the most popular girl groups in South Korea. These would not have been possible without significant efforts of Apink members. The beauty queens have made a substantial contribution to the ever-growing entertainment industry of South Korea.

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