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If you are a certified millennial, then you have most probably heard of the gorgeous girl group Wonder Girls. In the Philippines, they are known for spearheading the popularity of Korean music with their hit song "Nobody". Before they unfortunately disbanded, the group dominated global radios and music playlists. What do you know about the beautiful Wonder Girls members?

More than eight years later, global fans can still hear in their heads the timeless words "I want nobody, nobody but you!". This is not a surprise, because when the "Nobody" dance craze phenomenon hit the internet, it hit hard, spawning many dance covers and street sing-alongs. The iconic song aside, JYP Entertainment's Wonder Girls also popularized many other catchy tunes, such as "Be My Baby" and "Why So Lonely".

Over the years, long after the Wonder Girls members Nobody dance craze had settled, many fans still followed the talented girl group, waiting for their new songs, videos, interviews, and endorsements. Unfortunately for the group and their fans, they disbanded in 2017.

Wonder Girls profile

In retrospect, there have been a total of seven (7) members since the Wonder Girls debut. The Wonder Girls members name (s) are Sunmi, Hyuna, Sohee, Yenny, Yubin, Sunye, and Hyelim.

The crowd-favorite ensemble worked together for more than a decade before pursuing their individual careers, resulting in the group's disbandment. Fans loved how each of them had something unique in their personas that made them shine as individual members.

Here are Wonder Girls members profile, real names, age, and birthdays:

Sunmi Wonder Girl

Facts about Sunmi


Facts about Hyuna


Facts about Sohee Wonder Girls


Facts about Yenny


Facts about YuBin


Facts about Wonder Girls members Sunye


Facts about Hyelim

Wonder Girl's discography

The iconic girl group elevated their name to a legendary status when they released the song "Nobody" ten years ago, which, as of this writing, has over 86 million views. Over the span of their career, the group has released three (3) studio albums, two (2) compilation albums, and four (4) extended plays. Here's a list of some of their most popular songs:

We all miss seeing the Wonder Girls members perform on-stage as a group. That being said, fans can only hope that they are now doing much better pursuing their individual careers.

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