UP Open University: courses and location

UP Open University: courses and location

UP Open University (UPOU) is one of the prestigious centers of higher learning in the Philippines. The institution offers various formal and non-formal courses and accepts students from all over the world. With quality at its forefront, the center's popularity has spread far and wide.

UP Open University
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As a top institution in the country, it is a study destination for so many students, both local and foreign. Here is what you need to know about the institution, courses, application procedure, tuition fees, and location.

What is UP Open University?

The institution is a public research and distance learning center. It was established on February 23rd, 1995, as one of the constituent colleges of the University of the Philippines system.

The center provides a learning opportunity for people who are aspiring for improved higher education but are unable to enroll using the traditional mode of study. It delivers its courses through distance learning.

Teaching and learning are done through the use of technology like videos, audios, print, and the internet. Lecturers and students are separated by time and space.

How does UP Open University work?

The institution offers its courses and programs through ODEL (open and distance e-learning) mode. In this mode of teaching, the facilitator and students have no physical contact. The students have access to designed learning materials, and they learn in an independent self-learning style.

Where is UP Open University?

The center has its headquarter at Los Banos in Laguna. UP Open University location is just next to the International Rice Research Institute. The major landmark of this particular institution is the Oblation sculpture, which stands the Oblation Plaza.

UP Open University Diliman serves as a satellite office. It is located at the National Computer Center Building. Additionally, the institution has several other learning centers in strategic locations within the country.

UP Open University courses

The UP Open University programs cover a range of areas. It has three faculties Education, Information & Communication Studies, and Management and Development Studies. These faculties offer certificate, diploma, degree, masters, and Doctor of Philosophy courses.

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UP Open University courses offered are as follows.

Faculty of Education

The diploma courses offered are;

  • Diploma in Science Teaching.
  • Diploma in Mathematics Teaching.
  • Diploma in Language and Literacy Education.
  • Diploma in Social Studies Education.

Degree course offered are;

  • Associate in Arts.
  • Bachelor of Education Studies.

Faculty of Information and Communication Studies

Diploma course;

  • Diploma in Computer Science.

Degree course;

  • Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Studies.

Faculty of Management and Development studies

Diploma courses;

  • Diploma in Environment and Natural Resources Management.
  • Diploma in International Health.
  • Diploma in Land Valuation and Management.
  • Diploma in Research and Development Management.
  • Diploma in Land Use Planning.
  • Diploma in Social Work.
  • Diploma in Women and Development.

UP Open University graduate school

UP Open University masters, graduate certificates, and Doctor of Philosophy programs are offered here.

Faculty of Education

Graduate certificates;

  • Graduate Certificate in Distance Education (within the Master of Distance Education).


  • Master of Distance Education.
  • Master of Arts in Language and Literacy Education.
  • Master of Arts in Social Studies Education.
UP Open University masters
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Doctor of Philosophy;

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Education.

Faculty of Information and Communication Studies


  • Master of Development Communication.
  • Master of Information Systems.

Doctor of Philosophy;

  • Doctor of Communication.

Faculty of Management and Development studies

Graduate certificates;

  • Graduate Certificate in ASEAN Studies.


  • Master of Arts in Nursing.
  • Master of ASEAN Studies.
  • Master of Environment and Natural Resources Management.
  • Master of International Health.
  • Master of Land Valuation & Management.
  • Master of Public Management.
  • Master of Social Work.

The institution also offers non-formal courses. The list is as follows.

  • Caring for the Special Child.
  • Caring for the Elderly.
  • Introduction to E-Commerce.
  • Health Research Methods.
  • Online Teaching and Learning.
  • Continuing Professional Education Program on Land Valuation.
  • New Enterprise Planning.
  • Organic Agriculture.
  • Personal Entrepreneurial Development.
  • Professional Teaching Certification.
  • Simplified Accounting for Entrepreneurs.
  • Community Mental Health.

UP Open University online courses

The institution, which prides itself as a learning and distance education center, has offered to help other institutions of higher learning to offer their programs online.

It has a set of five courses that are helpful to teachers, administrators, and support staff. The courses include;

  • Designing Learning in ODeL.
  • Content Development for ODeL.
  • Assessment of Learning in ODeL.
  • Teaching and Learning with Modern ICTs.
  • Technologies in ODeL.

How much is the tuition fee in UP Open University?

UP Open University tuition fee varies depending on several factors. Some of these determining factors include the program under study, and the nature of student (resident alien, non-resident, or local).

The fee structures of UP Open University master courses, diploma, degree, or Doctor of Philosophy can be found on the institution's website.

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The institution has scholarship programs available to its students. There are numerous UP Open University scholarship programs you can choose to apply for.

UP Open University application

The institution receives applications from all over the world. However, only interested applicants with the required qualifications are accepted into this prestigious institution.

What are UP Open University requirements?

UP Open University admission requirements vary depending on the program. Before making an application, the applicant is advised to check on the requirements of his program of choice. It will help him avoid the disappointment of being left out.

How to apply in UP Open University

The application procedure is straightforward. It involves the following steps.

  1. Visit the institution's admission website.
  2. Click on Admission.
  3. Select the program (Associate, bachelor, masters, etc.).

Each program has a set of requirements and application procedures. You should proceed as guided.

How to enroll in UP Open University

The enrollment of courses is done via the Online Registration System. The system can be accessed using the UP Open University student portal.

The Online Registration System (ORS) is accessible from the first to the last day of enrollment time. Only those who have fully paid the enrollment fee can register.

UP Open University careers
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UP Open University careers

The institution is always on the lookout for a competent workforce to reinforce its staff. Most of their job vacancies are announced through their career website. You can always keep yourself updated with new job opportunities by visiting the site.

UP Open University contact number and address

In case of any formal inquiries, UPOU allows you to call or write a letter. The following are the reliable contact information you can use.

UP Open University address:

Office of the University Registrar,

UP Open University, Los Baños, Laguna,

Philippines, 4031.


  • Email address: registrar@upou.edu.ph
  • Telephone number: +6349 536 6001-06 loc. 101

Registration / Enrollment:

  • Email address: registration@upou.edu.ph
  • Telephone number: +6349 536 6001-06 loc. 102/106

Student Records:

  • Email address: records@upou.edu.ph
  • Telephone number: +6349 536 6001-06 loc. 103/104


  • Email address: admissions@upou.edu.ph
  • Telephone number: +6349 536 6001-06 loc. 441/199

Since its establishment, the institution has produced several graduates who are contributing significantly to the development across the world. Some of the notable alumni of the center include Jejomar Binay, the 13th vice president of the Philippines, Richard Gomez, a famous actor, Sharon Cuneta, the Filipino actress and many more prominent people.

UP Open University is a study destination for many students around the world. The institution offers various formal and non-formal programs. If you are looking for a center of higher learning that has a flexible studying mode to suite your busy schedule, look no more.

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