NMAT 2020: Schedule, requirements, registration, tips

NMAT 2020: Schedule, requirements, registration, tips

One of the pre-requisites for qualifying in any Filipino medical school has been taking NMAT since 1985. The test predicts your performance as a medical student while preparing you to handle medicine academic workload.

NMAT requirements

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All the top medical schools in the country have NMAT cut-off points regulations. If you have a low NMAT score, you might end missing on the best institution. For this reason, it is essential to understand and prepare for the examination. Below is everything you need to know about NMAT, meaning, 2020 schedule, requirements, registration, and some useful tips.

What is NMAT?

NMAT Philippines is an acronym for the National Medical Admission Test. It is a standardized examination that is carefully designed to upgrade applicants who are actively seeking for admission to any Filipino Medical School.

The conceptualization of NMAT was as a result of significant concerns to have qualified students aspiring to pursue medical degree screened. The main aim of the test is to improve the superiority of Filipino medical education. It also envisions the elevation of the medical profession to a higher level of competence.

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The test is managed by the Center for Educational Measurement Inc. (CEM).

Who is required to take NMAT?

Anyone who intends to enroll in any medical program from a Filipino university is supposed to take this examination. The test is not for you if you are not qualified for admission to any institution. If you don’t have any baccalaureate degree, then you shouldn’t waste your time taking NMAT.

NMAT requirements

You need the following before you can be allowed to take the test:

  1. Valid email address: You will receive a verification code on your inbox, so make sure you can access it.
  2. A digital photo: This will be displayed on your report form and all your application documents. The following guidelines should be adhered to:
  • It must have been captured in the past six months
  • The picture should be clear; this makes sure that there can’t be doubts about your identity
  • Only face and shoulder are supposed to be included in the photograph
  • It should not be a scanned picture
  • The photo should match your appearance on the day of the NMAT test. If you have beards on, then you should not shave.
  • Its size should be 2” x 2”, colored and with a white background
  • The photograph pixel dimensions should be in a square aspect ratio. This means that its height must be equivalent to its width. The minimum tolerable dimensions are 600 x 600 pixels
  • Its size must be less than or equivalent to 2 MB
  • It should only be in a JPG file format
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Failure to follow the above will automatically lead to inconveniences and a lot of delays.

3. Application fee: You will need a total of Php. 1,900 for the complete procedure as broken down below:

  • Registration fee: Php. 500
  • Test fee: Php. 1,500

American residents need a total amount of $380. That is $30 for registration and $350 to cover for test development costs, processing of NMAT application form, test administration, answer sheets, printing, and delivery of your results.

The registration fee is non-refundable. The test amount is refundable by only 90%. Also, your payment is only valid for the test date given during registration. If you plan to retake it again or on a later date, then you should pay afresh using a new application number as well as a bank reference number.

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4. Documents: You will need the following:

  • A valid ID
  • Transcript of records or certificate to graduate or certificate of enrolment or a true copy of your grades.

How to take NMAT

The first step should be making an NMAT online application where you need to provide the required details, upload a picture, a valid ID, and other needed documents. Pay the registration and test fee using the recommended payment methods.

Prepare for the test by taking NMAT sample questions that are accessible after a successful and complete registration exercise. Show up on the scheduled exam date and do the test.

NMAT registration process

Here are NMAT online registration steps:

  1. Connect to the internet via Bluetooth tethering, hotspot, Wi-Fi, or mobile data.
  2. Open your browser: Locate your Google Chrome app and tap on it so that it launches.
  3. Visit CEM NMAT website: On your browser’s search box, type NMAT registration address and tap Enter button.
  4. Enter a valid email address.
  5. Prove that you are not a robot: Take the Google reCAPTCHA challenge appropriately. Once done, the section should have a green tick.
  6. Tap the "Open New Account" button.
  7. Confirm your email address: Login to your inbox to retrieve a verification mail sent to you. You should click on the link in the message to complete the procedure.
  8. Login to your account.
  9. Provide your details: Provide information such as your name, date of birth, gender, and residence.
  10. Upload an ID picture: It should adhere to the qualities mentioned in the requirement section.
  11. Save the information: Your work is only saved after you have completed the whole process.
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NMAT registration

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NMAT application and test fee payment

Over the counter and visa payments are the only official modes used here as they can be traced to your account by the registration system. If your registration fee is not paid on time, you will not be assigned an examination room.

Remember, you are not fully registered if you haven’t paid the amount, even if you have already downloaded the forms, printed them, and perhaps sealed them. You should reach out in case you encounter difficulties in this part.

1. Credit card payment (Recommended)

You do not need to walk to banks to make payments. As soon as you have completed the transaction, you will receive an email with your registration forms. Foreign students can only use this method.

2. Over the counter payments

They can only be made in Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) and Banco de Oro (BDO) branches countrywide. Only cash payments of Php. 1900 is acceptable. You might pay an additional amount for the service offered. Walk into the mentioned banks with the reference number that appears on your registration form. Fill out the deposit slip with NMAT fee details.

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NMAT schedule 2020

NMAT was scheduled to take place on April 26th and October 18th this year. However, due to the current worldwide COVID-19 situation, the April 26th exam was postponed indefinitely. The agency is expected to make further directives after the government lifts the quarantine.

How to review for NMAT

As soon as you have made payments, you can access sample questions from the NMAT portal. Here are some NMAT tips to help you pass the exams:

  • Do not change your learning style. At this point, you clearly know the study tips or techniques that work for you.
  • Purpose to strengthen your weaknesses: This exam is similar to UPCAT and civil service exam. Take sample questions and analyze your weaknesses.
  • Know the coverage: You cannot start reading unless you know what will be covered in the exam.
  • Take time-pressured tests: This will make sure you don’t leave unanswered questions on the exam time due to poor timing.
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NMAT reviewer

The following reviewer will help you leverage your testing skills and knowledge.

NMAT has two parts, namely:

1. Part I: Mainly tests mental ability from the following subtests:

  • Verbal: This includes word analogies and reading comprehension.
  • Quantitative: Fundamental operation, problem-solving, and data interpretation questions are asked here
  • Perceptual acuity: Expect hidden figure, mirror image and identical information quizzes in this section
  • Inductive reasoning: covers figure series, grouping, number and letter series

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2. Part II: Consists of questions that will test your capacity in the following four NMAT subjects:

  • Biology: Covers unity and diversity of life, cells and cellular processes, genetics, the world of plants and animals, development, life processes such as regulation and homeostasis, organisms, and their environment.
  • Physics: Mechanics, thermodynamics, vibrations, waves, optics, electricity, magnetism, and modern physics.
  • Chemistry: Expect general, analytical, organic Chemistry.
  • Social Sciences: Psychology, and Sociology.
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How to prepare for NMAT Philippines

NMAT review center

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The following points will help you in your preparation stage:

  • Get enough sleep before the exam: Lack of sleep might worsen your concentration and final performance
  • If possible, visit any NMAT review center to prepare adequately and also discuss challenging questions with your peers
  • Conduct a pre-visit to the exam center a few days earlier: This will help you familiarize yourself with the traffic condition, the room you are assigned to, the area, and if the exam center has air conditioners and so forth.
  • Arrive early on the test day: This should be a few minutes before 7.00 am as you are supposed to be inside the testing rooms before 7.15 am
  • Bring along a packed lunch: The one-hour lunch break might not be enough for you to visit restaurants outside the center. Chances are they might have long queues.

What to bring NMAT

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Have the following when you enter the test site:

  • Valid ID: It should be among the ones listed in the requirements section
  • NMAT examination permit
  • Three or even four sharpened HB pencils
  • Quality erasers

You should also wear a proper smart casual dress code to adapt to any room temperature. Have a transparent bag or envelope to put in your personal items.

Prohibited devices

You should not have with you the following:

  • Cellular phones or smartphones, and tablets
  • Recording or photographic devices such as voice recorders, cameras, and translators.
  • Listening devices or any media players such as iPods and MP3/4 players
  • Calculators
  • Digital, smart, alarm, beeping or calculator watches
  • Digital assistants, any beepers, fitness-tracking gadgets or even electronic cigarettes
  • Books, blank sheets, dictionaries, printed materials and so forth
  • Ink pens and felt-tip markers
  • Rulers, set squares, mechanical pencils, T-squares or mechanical erasers
  • Briefcase or handbags/backpacks
  • Weapons, firearms, or any kind of sharp objects
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NMAT test results

An electronic copy of your grades is usually ready by 20 days from the examination date. To access them, you need to go to the CEM website and click on online results. You will then be able to download an electronic copy. Note that this is not a valid certificate for admission purposes. It is only meant to help you see your NMAT score and decide which school you will join.

An original copy of your exam report form will be delivered to your mailing address, as you indicated during registration. Independent courier companies are contracted, and delivery might take even a week.

How many times can you take NMAT Philippines?

There is no specific number of limits an examinee can take this test. However, there is no point in taking it while you haven't prepared adequately. You will have wasted your time, money, and resources repeating the same exam over and over. You can always apply for a 90% refund during the registration period if you aren't ready to take the NMAT examination.

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NMAT contacts

In case you have any inquiries, reach out through the following contacts:

  • Phone 1: (02) 813-3686
  • Phone 2: (02) 813-3691
  • Phone 3: (02) 892-1682
  • Phone 4: (02) 813-3695
  • Phone 5: (02) 813-3694
  • Working hours: Monday to Friday 8.00 am to 5.00 pm
  • Email: nmat@cem-inc.org.ph
  • Website: cem-inc.org.ph

Having a Latin honours or even a Stellar GPA is not enough for you to qualify for the best medical schools we have in the country. Your NMAT score and ranking is equally important. You should, therefore, not take the test for granted as it holds your future as a medical student.

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