How to cite a website with no author APA

How to cite a website with no author APA

The institutionalized use of citations is never a trivial matter. For readers outside scholarship and science domains, a lowly footnote, endnote, or parenthesis is a nuisance. However, as a scholar, these are central in any paper as they work to energize your knowledge advancement. The American Psychological Association (APA) format is one of the criteria that govern citations and paper organization. Do you know how to cite a website with no author APA?

How to cite a website with no author APA
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We all know that academic work sometimes tackles complicated issues and forms a part of a collegial and cumulative endeavour. When doing research, you should be aware that it is evidence-based. All its provenances must always be checked, and empirical facts assessed. The reference and citation practice is a vital component of academics. Below is what you should know about APA citation website format.

How to cite a website with no author APA

As earlier mentioned referencing a site with no specified author can sometimes be confusing. This is especially true as it varies depending on whether the information you extracted was in a newspaper, government, journal, or magazine.

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Also, in-text citation differs significantly with the bibliographic reference APA format website. However, once you grab the basis, this will be an easy task for all your essays, dissertations, thesis, and research papers.

How to cite a website

Before getting down to citing an online article with no author, you should first understand the basic format where the write-up has a date and the name of the writer. The following layout is used:

  • Reference list: Give author last name, initials, year and day of the month
  • In-text citation: Give the author last name and year. You can also mention the last name of the author, followed by the year.

Citing a website with no author

The following format should be used:

1. Reference list: Article title. [Type] (Year month day). Retrieved from (the web address).

Here is an excellent example on how to cite a website with no author APA reference page:

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The modulation factor determines the strength and distance an Amplitude Modulated signal will cover. (2020, March 12). Retrieved from The Site for Telecommunication Students.

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2. In-text citation: Use (Article title, year) layout.

Newspaper’s website article with no author

1. Reference list: The bibliographic reference layout should adhere to the following:

  • It should be double spaced and indented for about half an inch after the first sentence line.
  • The article title comes first if there isn’t an author.
  • For newspaper articles, you should use italics and the “headline” capitalization style.
  • Use the website’s homepage to avoid listing non-working links
  • It is not necessary to include the retrieval date.

2. In-text citation: Use the first few words of the article with double quotation marks, headline-style capitalization, and then the year.

how to cite a website with no author apa example
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Article with no author and no date

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The following should be adhered to:

1. Reference list: The bibliographic format is regulated by the following:

  • It should be double spaces and also indented half an inch after your first line
  • The article title will come out first
  • The abbreviation n.d. should be used to mean no date
  • The time and date of retrieval are not essential

2. In-text citation: Cite the title in double quotation marks and use the headline capitalization style then include n.d. to mean no date.

Journals or magazines articles from an online database with no author

The following structures should be followed:

1. Reference list: The bibliographic citation part ought to adhere to the points below:

  • It should be double spaced and with an indentation of about half an inch immediately after your first sentence.
  • The article title comes up first
  • The magazine/journal name or title should be in italics and the headline capitalization style,
  • Use the magazine/journal homepage to avoid including the wrong URLs.
  • The date and time of retrieval should be left out.

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2. In-text citations: The first few words of the write-up are used and put into double quotation marks. The headline capitalization style is employed.

How to cite work with an anonymous author

If the source you are referencing from has its author designated as unknown, then the following should be adhered to:

1. Reference list: Alphabetize using the word anonymous as illustrated below:

Anonymous. (2020). Challenges facing overseas Filipino workers. The Kami Today Magazine. Retrieved from

2. In-text citation: The word anonymous should be used, followed by the date. Below is a how-to cite a website with no author APA example:

Overseas Filipino Workers should obtain their OEC certification before traveling to abroad (Anonymous, 2020).

Citing articles with no title and no author

If your source doesn’t have a heading and the name of the writer, then this is the format you should use:

1. Reference list: Description of the article, year, month day and the web address.

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2. In-text citations: Describe the article and year.

How to cite an article without a date, title, and no author

In case you come across a source without the mentioned information, you should never leave it out if it contains all the information you need. Use the guide below to cite it.

1. Reference list: Give [Article description]. (n.d.). Retrieved from (Name of the website).

For instance:

[Tourist attractions in Philippines]. (n.d.). Retrieved from

2. In-text citations: ([Article description], n.d.).

Alternatively, you could use the narrative way to cite the source as illustrated below:

A write-up from Kami discussing the procedure on how to get a police clearance (n.d.) suggests that you can apply for the NBI clearance certificate from Saudi Arabia consulates.

How to cite a government website with no author or date

Here, you should include the full address to the specific article to save examiners time as it can be challenging to search for information from a government-run webpage. The article title should be in italics. The following format should be used:

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The government department (n.d.). The title of the document (Publication number). Retrieved from


Philippines Department of Health and Human Services. (n.d.). Managing coronavirus (Publication Number 034543-2020). Retrieved from

There are different ways on how to cite a website with no author APA as shown in this article. They are all applicable under certain circumstances, such as when there is no date, title, or the online write-up is from a newspaper, magazine, or journal.

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