Police clearance requirements in 2021: comprehensive step-by-step guide

Police clearance requirements in 2021: comprehensive step-by-step guide

A police clearance in the Philippines is important because it verifies if you have a criminal record or not. All Filipinos looking for employment, registering for a firearm, or making applications for a civil service exam must have the document. Herein are police clearance requirements and the steps to follow.

Police clearance requirements
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The National Police Clearance System (NPCS) was inaugurated in the Philippines in 2018. The online process provides a national criminal database where the PNP can retrieve records from different towns across the country. Although both the National Bureau of Investigation and police documents have nationwide coverage, they remain distinct documents.

How to get police clearance

Getting the PNP document in the Philippines is now easier and convenient because everything is done at the touch of a button. Here is a comprehensive guide on what you need and the steps to follow.

PNP clearance requirements

You will need the following before booking an appointment for the Philippine National Police clearance.

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1. At least two legitimate police clearance IDs

Ensure they are original, have your image, full name, and signature since the PNP will need them for verification. Philippines National Police can take PRC, AFP, IBP, BFP, PCG, SSS, OFW, BJMP, Pag-IBIG, Marina, TIN, Senior citizen, PWD, Postal, Voter’s, PNP, and PhilHealth IDs.

You can also provide GSIS UMID, LTO Driver’s License, birth certificate, or your passport. If you only possess a single ID from the ones mentioned, ensure you have a certified copy of your birth certificate from PSA with an original official receipt attached.

Recent graduates that would like to take advantage of free police clearance should have their First Time Job Seeker Barangay Certificate.

2. Police clearance fee

You will be required to pay Php 160 via or Landbank if you are applying through the NPCS website. Php 150 is for the PNP clearance, while Php 10 is for the transaction.

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Recent graduates should have the Barangay Certificate for the fee to be suspended. The cost is waived only once, and the waiver is valid for one year from the date that the certificate is issued.

Steps for PNP clearance online

PNP clearance is now quicker and convenient after the inauguration of the National Police Clearance System in 2018. Here are six easy-to-follow steps.

1. Filipinos who are making their initial clearance application have to register on the NPCS website to create an account. Enter your details in the registration form that appears. Ensure you provide a working email address.

2. Edit your profile by entering details that are yet to be filled. If you are a recent graduate, tick the appropriate box.

Cross-check the data to ensure it is free from mistakes as the data will appear on the printed police document. Remember to save your profile.

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3. Book an appointment by tapping on the "Clearance Application" tab. Choose a convenient Police Station from the drop-down menu and select a flexible date then proceed to the next item.

4. Tap on the "Land Bank of the Philippines" option and save the appointment. A reference number will be produced, which you are required to save or note. Follow the prompts.

5. Proceed to the chosen police station so that your recent photo and fingerprint details are taken.

6. Wait to be called to pick up your PNP document. If your application is without a HIT, it will not take long to get it. Those with a HIT (suspicious results) have to wait for further instructions from the verification officials.

Police clearance requirements
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Police clearance renewal

The PNP certificate is only credible for 6 months and its legitimacy is ensured by a unique QR cryptograph. What are police clearance renewal requirements? You can get more information regarding the process from police clearance Quezon City at Camp Crane or the closest police station.

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What is the difference between police clearance and NBI clearance?

The National Bureau of Investigation used to have nationwide coverage, while the PNP document used to confirm criminal records in a specific town or municipality. The line between the two became thinner after the launch of the NPCS in 2018, but they remain distinct.

The NBI deals with more official records compared to the Philippines National Police. In case of a HIT result, the PNP acts faster than the NBI, which can take more than a week.

Police clearance requirements and appointments are now convenient, easy, and fast after the introduction of the National Police Clearance System. Filipinos cannot lose the opportunity to make an important job or government service application due to PNP delays.

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The National Bureau of Investigation certificate is a crucial document for Filipinos in the country and those working abroad. It has a validity of one year, after which you will need a new one to gain access to certain services. Read the article for a comprehensive guide.

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