Criselda Volks profile: Age, husband, movies, scandal

Criselda Volks profile: Age, husband, movies, scandal

Criselda Volks is one of those famous people whose rise to stardom cannot be separated from scandals and controversies. Even as an idol of many with regards to acting in the Philippines, her star started to dim with rumors of engagement in adult videos. Since then, it has been a tale of a woman who tries to rise and keeps falling each time, but her determination remains un-wavered.

Criselda Volks probably knew that there are mistakes one cannot afford to make in life. She, like many other people, decided or agreed for a video to be recorded while she was having s*x with her boyfriend. Like many people, little did she know that this video would find its way to the internet one day. When it finally did, the s*x video spread like wildfire, but to her, it was just another scandal.

Criselda Volks profile summary

  • Name: Criselda de Guzman
  • Nickname: Criselda Volks
  • Date of birth: November 22, 1980
  • Place of birth: Philippines
  • Age: 39 years
  • Nationality: Philippine American
  • Parents: Marietta Sanz
  • Spouse: Cris Villanueva
  • Son: Rafa
  • Residence: Las Vegas
  • Occupation: Actress

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Criselda de Guzman was born on November 22, 1980, in the Philippines. She is the daughter of Marietta Sanz while her father's and siblings' names are not available to the public. She is an actress and producer famous for some Philippine movies such as Init ng Dugo (1998) and Kasangga Kahit kailan (1998).

She got married to a fellow actor named Cris Villanueva, and they had a son, Rafa Villanueva. A quick search of Criselda Volks Instagram account reveals that the star is not a very active social media user like other celebrities.

Criselda Volks age

The age of Criselda Volks is 39 years, having been born on November 22, 1980. In addition to that, she is a considerably tall woman with a height of 5 feet and 7 inches. Other famous people born on November 22 include Hailey Bieber, Baby Ariel, and Tyler Davis.

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Criselda Volks husband

She was once married to an actor named Cris Villanueva A.K.A. Chris Villanueva or Krishnamurti Villanueva. Chris, who is also an actor, hails from the Philippines, as is the case with Criselda.

Criselda Volks and Cris Villanueva must have met through their acting careers. They fell in love and became husband and wife. The two were blessed with a son who they named Rafa Villanueva. Cris and Criselda separated after her s*x video was leaked.

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Criselda Volks is that one person who cannot be washed away in the Philippines Movie industry. Not only is she a talented actress, but also an accomplished producer, which is why she has been able to excel for this long. These are some of the popular Criselda Volks movies:

  • Init ng Dugo (1998)
  • Kasangga Kahit kailan (1998)
  • Alyas Boy Tigas: Ang probinsyanong wais (1998).
  • Alyas Bomba Queen (2002)
  • Takaw-tingin (2004)
  • Minsan pa (2004)
  • Troika (2007)
  • Siquijor: Mystic Island (2007)
  • Kaleldo (2008)
  • Dr. X on the Air (1998)
  • Duplikado (1997)
  • Summer Heat (2006)
  • Lihim ni Madonna (1997)
  • Mananayaw (1997)
  • Masarap, masakit ang magmahal (1997)
  • Misteryosa (1999)
  • Nagmumurang kamatis (1997)
  • No Read, No Write (1997)
  • Sabong (1998)
  • Tulak (2009)
  • Uod sa Laman (1998)
  • Criselda Volks

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Scandal and controversies

2010 is a year she will never forget because her s*x video was leaked. This led to her relocating from the Philippines to the United States, leaving behind a career she had built. Although the actress agrees that there are things in her past she would have done differently had she gotten another chance, she does not regret making the video insisting that it was personal and not meant for the public.

Criselda Volks' boyfriend could not have been the one who leaked the video because the two remained close even after their separation. Her relocation separated her from her son, with whom she communicates through social media platforms such as Skype.

Before getting married to Cris Villanueva, Criselda attempted to commit suicide because of her break up with the past lover. She had loved that person even though he was married, and when they broke up after one year, she was left nursing wounds.

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Seeing that she couldn’t handle the emotions, she ingested bleach and detergent, but she was rushed to hospital in time to save her life. She was suffering from depression, and all her family was in the United States while she was in the Philippines.

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Having been married to Cris in the past, many of her fans were caught by surprise when they learned of rumors that she is a lesbian. It is alleged that as soon as she moved to Nevada, she and her girlfriend got married in a simple wedding ceremony. There were also other rumors that Criselda had a ga*bling addiction. Criselda Volks Facebook account has been one of the platforms where the actress has received messages of encouragement from her fans.

Criselda Volks is not ordinary actress in the Philippines. A leaked s*x video almost ruined her career, but that did not stop her from moving on. She comes across as the kind of person who takes control of her destiny and determines what is to become of her life. Once, she attempted to commit suicide, but that became a lesson and a turning point in her life. Criselda Volks now lives a positive life inspired by her son and fans.

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