KARD members: Who are they?

The lovers of K-pop have a huge variety of music to listen to because the groups are so many. However, because of its exceptional performances and great music KARD has a massive fan base. Since their debut, they have continued to grow in popularity and steal the hearts of many people. What is there to know about KARD profile?

KARD is a pop group formed in 2016 by DSP Media. They, however, debuted on 19th July 2017 with an extended play called “Hola Hola.” The members are J.Seph, BM, Somin, and Jiwoo. Their main genre of music is K-pop, although they also do Hip-Hop and Dance-hall. We have compiled for you the KARD profile.

KARD profile Kpop

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KARD members profile

The group is made up of two ladies and two gents making it a mixed- gender team. The profile of the members is as follows:

KARD members BM

Facts about BM

KARD members J.seph

Facts about J.seph

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KARD members Jiwoo

Facts about Jiwoo

KARD members Somin

Facts about Somin

Hidden member

The group also has a Hidden member. Letter “D” in the group name represents “Hidden.” They have been claims that they are about three. However, DSP Media has only officially revealed the identity of one.

They revealed her name on the groups' official channel on 8th Dec 2016. She is Heo Young Ji, who appeared in the song “Oh Na Na.” She is also a former member of KARA.

KARD discography

The quadruplet has various extended plays and music videos since their debut in 2017. They are:

  1. Hola Hola (July 2017)
  2. You & Me (Nov 2017)
  3. Ride on the Wind (July 2018)
  1. Oh Na Na
  2. Don’t Recall
  3. Rumour
  4. Hola Hola
  5. Living Good
  6. Bomb Bomb
  7. Dumb Litty

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How old are they?

KARD members age difference between the boys and the girls is four years. Interestingly, the gents are only older than each other by a few months, and so are the ladies. Here is a list of the KARD members oldest to youngest:

Are KARD members dating?

The team has a really warm and sincere friendship with each other. It is probably for that reason that the KARD members' names are on blogs claiming that they are dating each other. However, they all agree that their relationship is professional, and they see each other as siblings.

During an interview with Xports News, Jiwoo said,

We practice together, eat together and were not family. Dating each other doesn’t make sense. I don’t think it will ever happen. I can promise that.

Official accounts

The group mates have their own private social media accounts. The KARD members Instagram is as follows:

The group's official social media accounts are:

This award-winning group has been a consistent entertainer for all Kpop lovers. Their amazing chemistry helps them to deliver great show-stopping music. For this reason, many people want to know all about the KARD profile, and we have provided just that. We hope they will continue to deliver in this way for many years to come.

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