Intriguing details about B1A4 members you ought to know

Over time, the B1A4 band has been treating their fans to melodious tunes and striking performances. To this far, the group has released a considerable number of albums and EPS. The success of the K-pop group is attributed to the young, vibrant, and talented B1A4 members. That said, how much do you know regarding each one of them?

Initially, the group comprised five members, namely Jinyoung, CNU, Sandeul, Baro, and Gongchan. Unfortunately, on 16th November 2018, news hit the headlines about two of B1A4 members leaving the band. Baro and Jinyoung failed to renew their contracts, leaving the group with three members only.

B1A4 meaning

The name of the group has two meanings. First, the letters and numbers in the name stand for “Be the One, All For One.” Second, they stand for the blood groups of the members. Four of the members have blood group type A while one of them is blood type B. Even after the two members left, the meaning still holds.

B1A4 members profile summary

Below is a comprehensive profile of the B1A4 members' birthdays, ages, real names, among many other critical facts;

1. CNU

Fun facts about CNU

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2. Sandeul

Fun facts about Sandeul

3. Gongchan

Fun facts about Gongchan

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Below are the profiles of the members that left the band in 2018.

4. Baro

Fun facts about Baro

5. Jinyoung

Fun facts about Jinyoung

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B1A4 songs

B1A4 members Lonely song is among the group’s tracks that have been performing exemplary. Also, apart from this track, the band has a track record of releasing seven EPs, seven studio albums, and four compilation albums since its formation. Below is a list of its outstanding tracks you might want to know;

Despite the challenges, B1A4 members have always remained steadfast in promoting both the Korean and Japanese music scene. Also, the boys are not only handsome, intelligent, and diligent, but also true to their course. Overall, we hope that this compilation has helped you to understand them much better than before.

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