How to play Jenga: step by step illustration

How to play Jenga: step by step illustration

Do you know how to play Jenga? The exciting game has rapidly gained popularity and is played almost everywhere around the world. It is a creative way of whiling time among people.

How to play Jenga: step by step illustration
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Whether they are young or adults, women or men name them, find it fun and a worthwhile way of spending time. If you do not know what Jenga is, let alone how to play it, don't worry.

What is Jenga block game?

Jenga game was created by Leslie Scott, a British board game designer, and tutor. The game is about skills and strategy. The participants first build a tower by stacking 54 wooden pieces and then remove them until the structure weakens and falls. The name jenga is derived from a Swahili word kujenga, which means to build.

How to play Jenga
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Jenga rules

Like most exciting games around the world, Jenga has rules that must be adhered to while playing it. Find below some of these fantastic rules.

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  • At least two participants play the game.
  • The person who stacked the tower plays first.
  • You can take one block at a turn from any level of the stack except the one below an incomplete top level.
  • The removed piece is placed on the topmost level to complete a move.
  • A player uses only one hand at a time. Either hand may be used, but only one touches the tower at any given time.
  • One may tap the block to find out which one is loose.
  • A piece moved but not played must be replaced unless doing so may make the tower fall.
  • A player's turn ends after ten seconds or when the next player touches the tower. Whichever happens first.
  • When either the tower or a piece from it falls, then the game ends.

Can you use 2 hands in Jenga?

While playing the game, a participant should only use one hand at a time. However, in an official variant of the game dubbed Jenga XXL, a player can use two hands to move the 18-inch-long blocks. The rest of the rules are the same as in classic Jenga.

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Can you touch multiple blocks in Jenga?

A player is allowed to touch multiple blocks to find out which one among them is loose. However, if you move a piece out of place while doing so, you must first fix it using one hand before you can touch another block.

How to set up Jenga
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How do you set up Jenga?

The procedure involved is as follows.

  1. Shake the blocks on a flat surface
  2. Arrange the pieces in a group of three until you have constructed a tower that is 18 levels high.
  3. They are rotated each level of the three pieces at 90 degrees along the horizontal axis from the previous level.
  4. Straighten out the tower to ensure that it is firm.
  5. Ensure that you have at least two players. The game has no maximum number of participants. However, to ensure that you get more turns and make it more fun, you will need fewer players.

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There is an optional variation of Jenga, which allows you to write something on the blocks before you stack them in a tower. It could be a question, a dare, or some other directives depending on the desires of those playing.

This version is more fun. It requires that when a gamer pulls a piece from the tower, he or she must do whatever is written on it.

For example, if a gamer pulls a dare, he or she must perform the activity written on the block. Some of the actions include dancing, making a scary face, or any other.

If someone pulls a question, he or she must answer the question on the block. The questions could be humorous or flirtatious, they may include "Which part of the opposite gender do you love the most?" or "Among those in this room, whom would go out with on a date?" and many more.

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How to play Jenga

The following steps are involved when playing the game.

The person who arranged the tower plays first, and whoever topples it is the loser.

How to play Jenga with twist
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  1. A player pulls the first piece.
  2. It is removed from the stack (He or she can pull or push depending on the block's position in the stack)
  3. The block is placed on the top of the tower.
  4. The game goes on and on until the tower falls.

How to play Jenga with a twist

Throughout the existence of this particular game, several modifications have been made to make it more interesting. You can twist the game up by writing questions or dares on the block, or playing it with dice or alcohol.

All the twists incorporated are aimed at enhancing the thrill of playing the game.

How to play Jenga with dice

There are about four ways of playing Jenga using dice. All of them are fun and more engaging. You can try any of the twists mentioned below.

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Piece by piece

The aim here is for a player to roll the die and remove a given number of pieces as indicated by the number on the die.

How to play Jenga with dice
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For example, if a gamer rolls a 3, he or she has to take out three blocks while avoiding a fall.


This one makes mathematics fun again. It involves painting the pieces with chalk paint and assigning them numbers 1 to 36. These numbers are written on the edges, where they can be seen easily. You may repeat numbers to ensure that all the blocks have them.

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When playing, the gamer rolls the dice and tries to take out the block with the number that indicates the multiplication of both dice. If a person rolls a 4 and 2, he or she must take out a piece numbered 8.

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Colorful Jenga

The blocks are painted with six different colors, and then a die is painted on its side with the colors you chose for the blocks.

The objective is for a player to roll the die and take out a block whose color is on the die.

Trivia Jenga

Jenga trivia game takes the fun to a whole new level. In this variant, the blocks are painted different six colors, and the die also painted with the colors on its different sides.

Different categories of questions are designed to match the colors on the blocks, and nine cards are assigned per category. The types of questions range from general knowledge, entertainment, history, science, or any other subject of interest.

A set of restrictions are applied here.

  • A player rolls the colored dice and answers the question within a minute.
  • If the player gives the right answer, they score a point and do not remove a block. They are free to move to the next round.
  • If a player fails to answer the question or answers incorrectly, he or she must take out a colored piece, and he or she doe not score a point.

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How to play Jenga with alcohol

Alcohol or any other drink adds a whole new taste to the Jenga game. The game involves pulling out blocks like the rest with twists, and an action written on the block must be performed.

Some of the ideas written on the block include 2 truths & a lie, 4 eyes, accent, and many more.

When a player pulls out a piece that has 2 truths & a lie, he or she must say two truths and a lie about him or herself. If the other players guess which among the statements is a lie, then he or she must drink. Otherwise, the others drink.

How do you win at Jenga?

There is no winner in the Jenga game, and the whole point is to identify a loser. However, losing is not fun. Therefore I have compiled various ways of playing it if you are to avoid falling. Below are ways of how to play Jenga like a pro.

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How do you win Jenga
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  • Concentrate on the game and avoid distractions.
  • Start by removing the pieces at the center first.
  • Shift to those on the sides once you run out of the pieces at the center.
  • Avoid pulling the pieces and push instead.
  • Thickness or size matters. Go for the thin ones first.

Jenga is undoubtedly one of the most interesting indoor games. It takes the gaming experience to a whole new level thanks to the various twists. Learning how to play Jenga will hold you in good shape to enjoy the game with friends.

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