How to play Scrabble : step by step illustration

How to play Scrabble : step by step illustration

Indoor sports have, and continue to play a crucial role in the day to day lives of people around the world. Some of them, such as Scrabble, have metamorphosed into beautiful sports that are no longer being played for fun but as a vocabulary building tool. That said, do you know how to play Scrabble?

How to play Scrabble : step by step illustration
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Learn how to play Scrabble like a star today. It is such easy. But before that, how about we take a look at what the game is all about? The history, rules, and the importance of taking part it.

What is Scrabble?

It is a classic word game played by two, three, or four people on a 225-square board. The goal is to score most points by creating words on the board that you connect to the words made by your opponents.

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History of Scrabble

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The game was developed in 1938 by an American architect called Alfred M. B*utts. It was initially referred to as Criss Crossword, and it is based on anagrams and a crossword puzzle.

In 1948, a lawyer called James Brunot redesigned the sport, named it Scrabble, and marketed it. The word Scrabble means "to scratch around frantically".

In the 1950s, the game attracted the attention of numerous people across the world and became famous. Its breakthrough happened in 1952 when the president of Macy, Jack Straus, played the game on vacation.

How to play scrabble
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When he returned from vacation, it was surprising that his stores did not have the game. He bought many, and within a year, everyone had to have one.

That year, the demand for the sport rose exponentially, to a point where James Brunot was unable to meet them himself. He, therefore, sold the production rights to Selchow and Righter. In the second year as the company's product, millions and millions of the game was sold.

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As we speak, the game is available in several languages and is being enjoyed in several parts of the world.

Important Scrabble rules that are a must-know

Like all other serious sports, Scrabble has rules that every participant must adhere to. Some of these rules are straightforward, whereas some may seem a little bit complex. Nonetheless, mastering them is a must if you want to know how to play Scrabble better. Honestly, you can not win the game without knowing the essential rules below.

Scrabble rules
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Gameplay rules

  • All tiles should be placed face down on the table beside the board or in a letter pouch.
  • The letters must be well mixed, and it should be ensured that no participant knows which letter is in what spot.
  • To decide on who starts, each participant picks a letter, and that whose letter is closest to "A", begins.
  • The "blank" tile goes first.
  • Players draw seven letters and place them on their latter racks.

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Scorekeeping rules

  • One participant should be the scorekeeper.
  • Each letter tile has the value of that letter.
  • If a player can use all the seven tiles in a single turn, he or she is awarded 50 points in addition to the score of that word.

Are names allowed in Scrabble?

In 2010, the word rules were changed for the first time to allow proper nouns. According to an article published on the BBC news website, the names of places, people and companies now count. Until then, only a few proper nouns were allowed, and they were determined by a list of words based on the Collins dictionary.

History of Scrabble
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Pros and cons of Scrabble

The sport has the following advantages and disadvantages you need to know.


  • Good gamers can be handicapped against lesser players in various ways.
  • It is easy to learn.
  • It feels better when played between two people.

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  • It feels dull when three or four people play.
  • The game reward only those with better memory

How to play Scrabble like a pro

To be a pro, you need to master the winning ways of any given game. In Scrabble, winning is simple if you know the rules.

A winner is decided the moment a player plays his last tile, and there are no more tiles to draw from. Any remaining tile should be subtracted from the player's score. The person with the highest score emerges the victor.

Scrabble mechanics
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Understanding Scrabble mechanics is crucial for all and sundry who wishes to take part and enjoy this particular game.

What are Scrabble mechanics?

A participant earns points by constructing words with the letter tiles and arranging them on a grid. There are 100 letter tiles with different point values, and only one can fit in a grid space. The value point of the letter tiles ranges for 0 for the blank tile to 10 for the letters "Q" and "Z".

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When a participant's turn comes, he or she has to put a word on the grid, using any of the seven letters they have in front of them.

Can you skip a turn in Scrabble?

You can skip a turn, but then you will score a zero. A participant might opt to pass their turn rather than exchange tiles.

How to play scrabble better
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It is acceptable in Scrabble, but you have to know the following as well.

  • The game ends when all the players pass twice in succession.
  • It is only an option when six or fewer tiles are remaining in the bag.

Scrabble is undoubtedly one of the most popular indoor games around the world. Most people have developed an interest and learned how to play Scrabble. The game guarantees you a productive way of whiling time because, other than being fun, the person gets to test and build their vocabulary.

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