How to play DOS card game: detailed illustration

How to play DOS card game: detailed illustration

The interest of several people in the DOS card game is increasing with each dawning day. A good population has resolved to enjoy indoor sports as a way of whiling time as well as learning new skills and habits. Getting to the basics of any given game of interest is essential if you are to enjoy playing it.

How to play DOS card game: detailed illustration
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Get to familiarize yourself with rules governing the sport, how it is played, and the benefits of engaging yourself in it. Throughout history, numerous people have used indoor games as a tool to boost their mental and physical strength. Some of the commonly played are chess, checkers, UNO, DOS, and scrabble.

DOS card game

This is an exciting game that is played by two to four participants. These players challenge one another as teams or as individuals, and the main objective of the DOS is to get rid of your cards quickly.

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It has 108 cards divided into 96 numbered one of colors red, green, blue and yellow, 12 Wild DOS with each color having three cards numbered 1, 3, 4, 5, and two of numbers 6,7,8,9, and 10. Lastly, the deck contains two Wild # for each of the four colors.

DOS card game
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The exciting game has pros and cons worth your attention. Check out some of them below.


  • It takes inspiration from UNO. However, it is played quite a bit differently.
  • It requires a decent amount of strategy compared to UNO.
  • It is suitable for one who is more than seven years old.


  • It is too simple to play matching cards.
  • It offers limited interaction among the participants.

Is DOS the same as Uno?

The two are not the same despite appearing similar in the eyes of many. The set of rules applied in each is substantially different if you compare them. Nonetheless, they are both enjoyable and a perfect way of spending time.

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DOS card game tutorial

Knowing the DOS card game rules is fundamental if you are to enjoy this particular sport. The rules are as follows.

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  • Each player draws a card, and whoever draws the highest number will become the first dealer.
  • One who does not place a card must pick one from the draw pile.
  • All of the cards from the matched pairs are removed from the table and placed into the reject pile.
  • If a participant has two that add up to the number of that one in the center pile, they can place down both of them.
  • The round ends when a participant gets rid of the last card from his or her hand.
  • When a gamer has two left in his or her hand, they must say DOS. Otherwise, they will have to pick two from the draw pile if spotted by another player.

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How many cards do you start with in DOS?

Each participant is issued with seven at the beginning with, then he or she will need the pick or release when their turn comes. Nonetheless, the DOS card game instructions are simple and straightforward.

How many cards do you start with in DOS?
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The game starts it off by establishing a setup as follows.

  1. Every participant picks one from a deck.
  2. He who picks the highest number becomes the first dealer.
  3. He or she then shuffles the deck and gives a total of seven to each player or team.
  4. He then places the top two cards face-up on the table, and the rest form the draw pile and are placed facing down.
  5. The one, the left of the dealer, starts off the round.
  6. When a player's turn comes, he or she has to play or pick one from the draw pile.
  7. DOS continues until one player gets rid of all the cards in his or her hand.
  8. If the winner is not established, the role of the dealer moves to the next player, and everyone gets dealt with new ones.
  9. It keeps going until someone reaches 200 points or the agreed-upon points.

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What you need to understand while playing?

Whether you are playing the DOS card game online or on a table with friends, there are fundamental facts you need to have in mind about the sport.

As a gamer, you have to try playing that one that matches the number on the face-up card. You can do so regardless of the colors.

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There are two ways of doing so:

  • Single-number match: A player can place a card whose number exactly matches the one of the face-up.
  • Double-number match: A player can place two cards that add up to one of the face-up one. For example, if the face-up is 9, you can play 5 and 4 simultaneously.

Special cards in the game

There are two unique cards in this particular collection. They include;

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  • Wild DOS: It counts as two of any color. When a player places the it, he or she chooses which color it is. In case it is the face-up one on the table, a player gets to decide which color it is when matching.
  • Wild # (hashtag): This one acts as any number between 1 to 10. A player who places it gets to determine which number it is. If it is the face-up one on the table, a player gets to decide which number it is when they match.
DOS card game instructions
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How do you stop a DOS turn?

You do so by matching the color and number and then removing the cards as usual. Then you reset up to two cards at the center. There are benefits of matching color and number during the game.

Advantages of color match in the game?

Even though a player does not have to match the color while playing, he or she will receive a bonus if he or she does so. The bonus here depends on whether they make a single or double match. So what are the benefits?

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  • In case a player places one that matches the color and number with that of the face-up, they are said to have created a single color match. They will lay down one of the cards from their hand face-up on the table.
  • On the other hand, if a player plays two cards that add up to one of the face-up one and both also match the color of face-up one, he or she will receive an additional bonus. At the end of their turn, they will not only lay a card from their hand face-up on the table, creating another pile to play to but also compels all the other participants to pick one each from the draw pile.

Calculation of scores in DOS card game Philippines

This game is similar across the globe, so the ways of computing scores are not any different. A round ends when a player gets rid of all his or her cards.

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DOS card game review
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He or she will then score points depending on the cards left in the hands of other players. The cards are worth the following scores.

  • Numbered cards: Number-values on them
  • Wild DOS: 20 points
  • Wild #: 40 points

DOS card game review

The game has been with us for a while, and several people have had a taste of it. Both positive and negative criticisms have emerged as follows.

  • Apple boy Chicharito: This game is the best, the first day I played it made no sense to me, but when I read its rules ten times, I knew what to do and enjoyed it.
  • Dustin Smyth: They should have stopped at UNO. DOS is terrible, a real Deux.
  • DJ Dillion: In a world where many families do not interact with a great deal, this sport was a good gift for my grandsons. It helps them learn to think and strategize, build family relations, instills learning, and allows them to make good family memories.
  • Grumpy: We have been playing UNO with grand-kids for years, but as our youngest approach their "teen" years, we needed something more thoughtful. This play fits the bill. Still casual enough for an 8-year-old, but challenging enough for a child of twelve years.

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The price of this game in the Philippines

It is readily available on various online stores such as Shopee and many more. It goes at an affordable price of between P99 to P251.01, depending on where you buy it. Some stores, such as Lazada, sell it as low as P58.

I think the DOS card game is, without a doubt, one of the most interesting indoor games. As a follow up to the classic sport called UNO, it will be a valuable addition to your pack considering its affordable price.

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