Most Beautiful Muslim Female Names

Most Beautiful Muslim Female Names

Beautiful Muslim women's names are meant to emphasize the tenderness and beauty of their owners. In the Muslim world, a woman is a soul and the ornament of the house. She creates comfort and gives love to her husband and children. When selecting a name for a newborn girl, ask what are the most appropriate and popular options.

Most Beautiful Muslim Female Names
Source: UGC

Muslim female names from A to M

Choosing a name for a child or someone who has converted to Islam is a responsible and important matter. A name should not only be beautiful, but should also reflect certain qualities of personality, behavior, and character.

Sometimes a name predetermines fate. It is therefore important to know what the name chosen for the child means.

Muslim names given to newborn girls have poetic meanings.

For Muslim women, the most beautiful names are composed of soft sounds that emphasize the awe and subtlety of their owners "souls, their outward beauty and the subtlety of their nature.

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Most are of Arab or Persian origin. Some beautiful female names came from the Tatar language.

Here are the female names the Muslim name list suggests:

  • The female Muslim names that start with the "A" often have "flower meaning" (Azalia, Aigul) or a comparison with the moon (Ayla or Ayly, Aysilu). The first emphasizes the beauty and tenderness of the girl, and the second emphasizes her mystery, the divine nature of her female enchantments.

The girl's sublime beauty is reflected in the names Aliya, Alsu, Alfiya, Ahsana.

There are also names in the "A" list that encode the moral qualities of the women (Adeelya, Amina), faithfulness and fortitude (Aziza, Aisha, Anisa).

The names Amira and Asma indicate the majesty of a woman, her kingship.

  • The female names starting with "W" emphasize the femininity of their owners, signify their intent to be decorators and housewives: Walida, Walia, Wasim, or Wyasimah.
  • Muslim female names that start with "G" emphasize a girl's natural beauty and sophistication, likening her to a flower. Such values are encrypted in the names Guzeliya, Guzel, Gulnara, Gulfiya, Gulsha, Gulya.
  • In the D names, meanings dominate, with personality qualities determined through comparisons with metals: Damira "like iron," Delphuse "silver of soul," Dinara "gold," and gold.

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The girl's spirit and heartiness are expressed in the names Denmark, Daria, Dilya, Dilnaz, Dilya, Dilyara, Dina.

The names on the "Z" list indicate the moral qualities of a woman: friendliness and loyalty (Zamila, Zameena), a thin mind (Zakia), as well as her exceptional beauty (Zarima - flame, Zafa - with a thin stent, Zulfiya - graceful, curly, Zuhra - morning dawn).

Most Beautiful Muslim Female Names
Source: UGC
  • On the other hand, the Muslim names "I" list suggests names in which women are identified with their native land, literally the Motherland, the love of it, the blessing of the motherland. This is represented in the names of Iklim, Ilgiz, Ilzid, Ilnara (a variant of Elnara), Ilnura, Ilsyar, Irada.
  • Women's names that start with the "K" refer to the luxury of life, well-being, social respect, generosity and beauty of the girls who carry the names Kadriya, Kalima, Kamila, Karima, and Kausaria.
  • There are not many sounding names in the Muslim name. They sound gentle and hymnal, pointing to the pleasure and glamour that girls named Laziza, Latif, Layla, Leah, Labiba, Laysan bring to the world.

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If you want to emphasize devotion to the faith, high morale, chastity and spirituality of the girl, her will and wisdom, then call her Madina, Malika, Mansoura, Maryam, Mahfuza, Munira, Murshida, Muslima, Muhchina, Muemina.

Muslim female names from N to Z

The "N" names are rich and diverse. These names emphasize the girl's rare beauty, her freshness, which can be compared to the rays of light, the morning dew, and the flowering nature (Nadia, Nazira, Nairiyat, Nurania, Nuriya, Nursida, Nursiya).

The strong-willed character of the woman is indicated by the names Nazif, Nail, Nargiz.

The girls will be given the names Najiya, Nadir, Naim, Narim, Nasim, Nafis, Nigar.

  • The R list is the richest and the most diverse. It contains names that compare beauty with beautiful and sophisticated natural phenomena: the delicate snowdrop flower (Rabia) or flowering garden (Rauza), the spring sun (Ravilya), spicy and scented basil (Raihana) or sweet date (Rafia).

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There are also names that stress the creative creativity of woman, for she is called upon to form the foundation of the family, family, and to protect and preserve the hearth (Razia, Raida, Railya, Raina, Raisa, Ramzia, Rashida).

There are female names in the name that highlight a girl's charm and allure, the magic of her beauty and soul (Ravia, Ramila, Rania, Rauf, Rausaniya, Rahima, Ruzia).

  • The girls names that start with "S" mostly refer to the young woman's moral qualities, such as patience and fortitude (Sabir, Salem, Samida).

There are a number of names with poetic meanings in which the beauty and purity of the girl is compared to jewels (Samina, Samia), a spring (Sariya), a twinkling star (Safura) or a star Sirius (Surya), a sky (Sumaya).

The successful girl is called Saadat, the comforter: Salia, a great talker who glows with wit, Samira, and the silent Samita.

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  • The "T" list offers names for girls who have a special gift: Tabiba, who can heal, Tazkira, who remembers, Tanzila, who is sent from God, Tahminah, who knows, Tasfiyah, who aligns.

Names like Taiba and Tahira give girls a name when they want to emphasize their beauty, purity, and purity.

  • The female name Umida is popular, meaning "welcome."
  • The names that start with "F" indicate the girl's best emotional and moral qualities.

Failya and Faiz mean hard work, Fazil and Faniya mean education and talents.

The uniqueness of the girl's beauty is reflected in the names: Fakiya or Faqiha, Farida, Fatiha, Fidania, Firaya, Firouza.

The names that start with the H also mostly contain indications of the woman's personal qualities: kindness and softness, love of children, modesty (Hawa, Hairiya, Halima, Hamida, Haniya, Hafiza, Hatima), honesty, openness (Halisa, Hanifa).

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Habiba, Haliya, and Hasiba are all "beloved," "luxurious," and "noble."

Most Beautiful Muslim Female Names
Source: UGC
  • The name Chulpan will emphasize the beauty and tenderness of the girl because it means "morning star."
  • The "Sh" name list includes female names that explicitly or metaphorically identify the girl's aristocratic background.

There is an indication of nobility in the names Shakira, Shakura, Shamila, Sharifa, Shafia.

  • Names such as Shamsiah, Shahina, and Shahriyat have reference to the white light of the sun or moon, which are also associated with nobility of origin.

In order to emphasize the girl's refined beauty, parents choose names that denote "star" (Esfira, Yulduz) or "pearl" (Enge).

  • The "E" name list suggests names that emphasise the girl's honesty and conscientiousness: Elvira (the version of Ilvira), Elmira (the version of Ilmira).
  • The beautiful name Yasmine points to a comparison of the girl to a jasmine flower.

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Yameena and Yasina denote truth and righteousness. Yasira is a light and cheerful girl.

Check out the popular names for girls offered by the Muslim name list. Remember that in choosing a name, you choose a child's fate.

Stick not only with the sweet and gentle variants of Muslim female names, but also those that suit the girl's nature, her predilections.


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