15 best part-time jobs in Manila in 2020

15 best part-time jobs in Manila in 2020

There are many part-time jobs available in Manila. Whether you are a student, graduate, or unskilled, there are several options that you can choose from.

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In Manila, there are several job opportunities that you can take advantage of. If you have some free time, and you want to be productive, choose one of the available options, and apply for it. To get the best employment, you should take the time to assess the opportunities available for you. Below is an analysis of some of the best part-time jobs in Manila.

Unskilled part-time jobs

The jobs available are either in the category of unskilled, semi-skilled or skilled. If you are unskilled, you can also get several part-time jobs.


In Manila, there is a high demand for janitors. To get this position you need to be clean and organized. It also helps if you have experience. The only downside of this job is the fact that it's tiring.

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If you enjoy cleaning and maintaining a house, then you should apply for a housekeeping job. This job requires an individual who understands and practices hygiene.

Part-time jobs in Manila for undergraduate

If you are an undergraduate, there is so much you can do to earn money on a part-time basis. A majority of these jobs will require you to use the skills and knowledge you have acquired in school.

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Graphic and web designer

In this position, you are required to create visual designs for institutions. To effectively work as a graphic designer, you need to be creative, and knowledgeable about the different software used in the industry.


  • It is enjoyable if you enjoy web design.


  • You need to be skilled to do the job.

Financial auditor

A financial auditor is responsible for planning and completing financial audits. You will be required to identify ineffective internal controls. Once you are done with the evaluation, you will provide recommendations for improvements to the inadequacies you observed. To perform well in this position, you need to have a skill set in, audit, finance, research, reporting, verbal and written communication.

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  • You get an opportunity to practice your profession if you have studied auditing.


  • It requires a lot of skills to do the job effectively.
  • The job can be very demanding.

Part-time jobs in Manila for college students

As a student, getting a part-time job is very easy. There are several options to choose from. We have provided some of the best options that are available to you.

English tutor

part time jobs in manila for undergraduate
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This position requires you to teach conversational English to students. To do this job, you need to be fluent in English. It is also an added advantage if you have a TEFL certification. You also need to have excellent communication skills.


  • You work for 5-8 hours a day.
  • The pay is about PHP 200-300 per hour.
  • You interact with a lot of people from different cultures.
  • There is a high demand for English tutors in Manila.
  • You enjoy work flexibility.

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  • Some people only hire college graduates.


This position requires you to listen to audio and write or type what you hear. You will need to have excellent listening skills and a computer.


  • You do not have to be a college graduate.
  • You will enjoy a flexible working schedule.


  • The pay is not very rewarding.
  • You may need to translate audio with a heavy accent.


If you are a student of linguistics, then you can work on a part-time basis as an online translator. You need to be fluent in the language that you are translating. You also need MS Word proficiency.


  • It is an easy way to earn money for bilingual people.


  • You may find it hard to retain the meaning of the translated text.


A lot of companies are looking for Filipinos who can offer content for their websites, marketing materials, social media channels, and blogs. To qualify for this position, you need excellent research and writing skills and MS proficiency.

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  • There is a high demand for Filipino writers.
  • You gain knowledge on different topics.
  • It is an easy job to start.


  • It has low pay for beginners.

Data encoder

This position entails the typing of text from PDF or JPEG into spreadsheets or documents. The job is easy, and you can earn a decent wage dependent on your employer. To qualify for part-time jobs in Manila encoder positions, you need to have fast typing skills


  • You can work online.
  • You dictate the number of hours you work.
  • Decent pay.
  • Simple tasks.


  • The job is repetitive.

Customer care representative

This position requires you to communicate with the customers of your employer and handle any issues that they may present. The job is fun and easy. The pay is decent if you get the right employer. To qualify for the position, you need to have excellent communication skills, and you should also know about the product or service the company provides.

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  • You can work from home.
  • The pay is reasonable.
  • You get to interact with different people.


  • You may be required to put in a lot of hours.

Virtual assistant

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This can be compared to corporate secretaries. You will be required to provide administrative and personal assistance. The type of work you are expected to handle is dependent on your employer. Some of the jobs you may be required to handle will include; organizing files, data entry, managing social media, researching, and proofreading documents.


  • There is a high demand for Filipinos.
  • The wage is competitive.


  • You may be overwhelmed with the tasks you need to handle if you work for a client with a busy office.


The role of a proofreader is to go through the written text to identify any grammatical errors. The terms of service for this job differ dependent on the employer.

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  • You enjoy flexibility in the working hours.
  • Its pay is reasonable.


  • Reading through a lot of written material can be very tiring.

Part-time jobs in Manila for high school students

As a high-school student, you have a lot of free time. If you need some money, you can choose to work on a part-time basis. Below are some of the jobs available to you:

Part-time- kitchen staff

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Restaurants are always looking for high-schools students to assist in the kitchen on a part-time basis. In this position, you will assist in different kitchen activities such as cooking meals, washing dishes, and setting tables. To get this job, you have to be hygienic, and you need to have excellent communication skills.


  • You work in shifts.
  • The pay is relatively good.
  • You learn catering skills.


  • Sometimes the tasks can be overwhelming.


As a merchandiser, your job is to decide how goods are displayed in retail stores so that the product can maximize sales. To work in this post, you need to be organized and thorough.

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  • You choose your schedule.


  • The job is not involving, and you may get bored.

Online survey takers

Companies need feedback on their products. These companies are willing to pay you to offer them feedback. In this position, you are required to provide feedback on survey questions. All you need to get this job done is internet research skills and excellent written communication skills.


  • You work for short hours.
  • The job is not demanding.


  • The pay is not very good.
  • These surveys are not common.

Part-time jobs in Manila night shift

Manila has a twenty-four-hour economy. You can get a nigh shift job easily. Some of the common night shifts jobs include:

Baby sitter

A lot of parents work at night, and they need baby sitters. To work as a baby sitter, you need to know how to handle children.


  • You are paid by the hour.
  • There is a high demand for baby sitters.

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  • There instances when it can be overwhelming to deal with children.

There are so many part-time jobs in Manila. Each position has its requirements, advantages, and disadvantages. Before settling for any job, you need to research. We have researched and written down a report on some of the best part-time careers that may be good for you.

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