Wedding checklist Philippines 2020: What to start with your preparation?

Wedding checklist Philippines 2020: What to start with your preparation?

Anywhere in the world weddings are good things but actualizing them is never a walk in the park. For a day that is meant to be perfect from the start to the end, extra care has to be taken to ensure what was meant to be the happiest day in life ends up being ruined. Now that is a memory no one would want to carry for the rest of their lives. Fortunately, the wedding checklist Philippines comes in handy to save the day by ensuring every minor detail is executed as intended and that there are back-up plans for any occurrences that might call for attention.

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A checklist for the wedding must be the first item on the To-Do List of any wedding. Just do it, you don’t have to know why because it would be very embarrassing to plan the perfect nuptial only to realize you forgot about the matrimony cake or something like that. This is why a wedding list is a necessary evil in any matrimony.

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Necessary evil because drafting one is not an easy thing. One has to take time and create the lists then check and counter-check over and over again just to be sure nothing has been omitted. In this instance, certain things need attention for a Philippines nuptial to happen. The thing to remember is that a wedding planner checklist must always capture the wishes of the bride and groom.

What to start with your preparation

To begin with, congratulations on your engagement. First, you will have to decide on the type of wedding and reception you and your partner want. This requires you to consult widely between the two of you, your closest family and friends, and the church. Then you will have to start thinking about your wedding planner guide.

One year to the wedding

  • Determine the venue for your matrimony and make the necessary arrangements in time. If it is a church, make consultations to set the date and hour of your wedding. This is to give the church officials time to prepare as well and avoid having other functions on the day of your nuptial.
  • First, you have to choose the location of your nuptial reception based on several things. It should be close to the matrimony venue, have enough space for hosting the event and parking, and be in line with the themes of the nuptial and the wedding budget checklist. This could be a hotel, restaurant, club, catering hall, or even Public Park. Just be sure to make reservations early.
  • If you decided to host the matrimony reception at home, you should consider seeking the services of a professional caterer.
  • Select the people to be your bridesmaid, groomsmen, flower girls, ring bearer, maid/matron, maid of honor and best man, and sponsors, if any. These are the people that will determine how the nuptial will go so you cannot be careful enough here.
  • It is essential to determine the number of guests you want at your wedding so that you can be able to plan accordingly and other critical things to prepare for the wedding.
  • Don't wait till it is too late to plan your honeymoon. Some people have their honeymoon planned even before the nuptial preparations begin. Make plans for the special occasion and reserve the hotel you think will be perfect for the event. Also, ensure you make travel arrangements to and fro the honeymoon.

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Nine months to the wedding

  • Music should be part of your reception ideas. If it is, know the type of music you would want at your reception and nuptial venue as well.
  • Have several appointments with the church minister for couple counseling services if it is going to be a church wedding. Here you should also ensure that due process has been followed in filling the required forms by you and your partner.
  • Have the right team to record your nuptial. Let them know all the necessary concepts, locations, and logistics. The production should be ready to handle every aspect of the matrimony. You should also consider seeking the services of a fashion stylist to ensure your wardrobe is the right one for the nuptial.
  • Start making arrangements to order matrimony gowns for the bride, groom, and attendants.
  • Draft a list of your nuptial guests and ask your partner to do the same. From there, you will be able to determine the number of guests each family will be allowed to invite.
  • Make selections for china, crystal, and silver patterns to be applied.
  • Engage in the selection of gift ideas for the groomsmen, bridesmaids, and sponsors.
  • Select a bridal registry where to register and have the same information passed to your invitations.
  • Address and start assembling the invitation notes you had designed earlier.

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Five months to the wedding

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  • Begin mailing invitations of the nuptial to the identified guests.
  • Make arrangements to hire transportation for the bridal party to and fro the venue of the ceremony and the reception.
  • Seek attendant notifications on the progress of their fittings and wedding accessories list. It is advisable to have the shoes made so that they can be ordered in one lot.
  • Schedule the first fitting of nuptial gowns.
  • Confirm that reception preparations such as menus, table arrangements, decorations, food, drinks, and so on will be on schedule and as planned.
  • In case the wine is to be outsourced, start making orders.
  • Start looking for a hairdresser who will be available to do your hair on the day of the matrimony.
  • Start accommodation preparations for guests who will be visiting from far.
  • Go over the details with the florist hired for the nuptial.
  • Go shopping for nuptial rings.
  • Make sure the groom/best man has checked with his fitting.
  • Identify and order wedding giveaways for the guests.

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A month to the wedding

  • It is time to get a license for the marriage.
  • Start packing honeymoon clothing and making other related preparations.
  • Check to make sure that the bride and attendants’ accessories are in order.
  • Go through the final touches with all the professional services required for the nuptial.
  • In case the bride intends to change the name, it should be done in all documents such as driving license, credit cards, and bank accounts.
  • Check to see that the luggage is not only in good condition but adequate for the purpose for which it was intended.
  • Give the maid of honor and best man the go-ahead to plan the bridal shower.
  • Plan seating arrangement for the reception.
  • Remind the bridal party about the time of the nuptial rehearsal.
  • Go through the wedding entourage list.
  • Conduct the final fitting of nuptial gowns and make necessary changes awaiting the big day.

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A week to the wedding

  • Summon all professional services and make sure there is no problem.
  • Get in touch with the reception facility and enquire about the last-minute details.
  • Go through all your nuptial giveaways to ensure they are accounted for.
  • Make a trip to the spa and get a facial, hot oil, and massage according to preference.
  • Conduct a makeup and hair review with the stylist.
  • Check that the license should be ready before the nuptial day.
  • Be in touch with the officiating church minister for last-minute details.
  • Secure all the bridal gowns for the bride and groom and the entourage.

What you need for a wedding checklist

Printable wedding checklist
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What you need for a bridal checklist will vary depending on the type of nuptial you want and the time available for wedding preparation. Some essentials will always be present such as gowns, venue, guests, but then the details of those checklist items will never be the same.

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For instance, as much as a nuptial gown is necessary, you have to decide about the color and design. It is those little details that you must emphasize your bridal checklist.

What is wedding registry checklist?

A wedding registry checklist is comprised of wedding essentials, items, and things that are used in everyday life in the kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. These can be kitchen electrics such as blenders, cutlery, coffee maker, and pressure cookers, among others. It also includes cookware such as skillets, sautés pans, ovens, and pot racks.

Where to buy wedding checklist

There are many places you can find the ideal Philippines nuptial checklist. The first place to go should always be a bridal planner who is in a better position to get you a customized checklist. If that cannot work for you, many websites handle nuptial checklists, mainly if you have limited time.

These will give you ready made checklists or even draft one at your request. Alternatively, you can seek a bridal checklist to help from the church or nuptial experts. If you have no budget for this, other websites offer free printable wedding checklists such as wedding checklist excel or word formats.

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A perfect wedding can only happen with proper planning and execution, and for that reason, the nuptial checklist, the Philippines must always incorporate some minimum requirements. A checklist is your most reliable helper for a nuptial, so it should be given the attention it deserves. If a wedding planner has been hired, the bride and groom should still be involved, at least in the creation of the complete wedding checklist to ensure their desires are captured.

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