How to renew PRC license 2020: Step by step

How to renew PRC license 2020: Step by step

Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) has adopted a new system to renew licenses online. You can now say goodbye to the old process that would see people make long queues for hours to have their PRC ID reinstated. Do you know how to renew PRC license?

How to renew PRC license online
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All Filipino professions are required by the law to renew their professional identification card to continue working in the country. The exercise should be done every three years. In the past, you had to manually fill forms, show your old ID, and wait for weeks or even months before getting a replacement. Nowadays, the process is mostly done online. Below is a detailed PRC online renewal guide, requirements and much more.

Professions that can access the renewal portal

There are a total of 64 occupations that can access the online portal as of now. If your line of work is not on this list, use the manual method to have your PRC ID renewed.

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  • Aeronautical engineer
  • Agriculturist
  • Agricultural and bio-systems engineer
  • Architect
  • Certified plant mechanic
  • Certified mine foreman
  • Certified public accountant
  • Chemical engineer
  • Certified quarry foreman
  • Chemical technician
  • Civil engineer
  • Chemist
  • Criminologist
  • Dental hygienist
  • Customs broker
  • Dental technologist
  • Electronics engineer
  • Dentist
  • Electronics technician
  • Fisheries technologist
  • Environmental planner
  • Foreign medical professional
  • Geodetic engineer
  • Forester
  • Geologic aide
  • Guidance counsellor
  • Geologist
  • Interior designer
  • Librarian
  • Landscape architect
  • Master plumber
  • Medical laboratory technician
  • Mechanical engineer
  • Medical technologist
  • Metallurgical plant foreman
  • Metallurgical engineer
  • Midwife and midwife
  • Naval architect and marine engineer
  • Mining engineer
  • Nurse
  • Occupational therapist
  • Nutritionist dietitian
  • Occupational therapist technician
  • Optometrist
  • Ocular pharmacologist
  • Pharmacist
  • Physician (medical doctor)
  • Physical therapist
  • Professional electrical engineer
  • Professional mechanical engineer
  • Professional electronics engineer
  • Professional teacher
  • Psychometrician
  • Psychologist
  • Real estate appraiser
  • Radiologic technologist
  • Real estate broker
  • Registered electrical engineer
  • Real estate consultant
  • Registered master electrician
  • Sanitary engineer
  • Respiratory therapist
  • Social worker
  • X-ray technologist
  • Veterinarian

Requirements for renewing PRC license

The set prerequisites vary according to your profession. However, the following are the usual documents required:

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  • CPD credit units
  • Payment fee
  • A passport-sized photograph with your name tag and white background.

On top of the above, dual citizens will need any of the following:

  • A valid, current Filipino passport
  • An oath of allegiance to the country
  • Any other certificate that proves you are a Filipino citizen

For the following professions, it is mandatory to submit an up-to-date Certificate of Good Standing from their relevant Accredited Professional Organization (APO):

  • Agricultural and bio-systems engineers
  • Aeronautical engineers
  • Customs brokers
  • Architects
  • Registered electrical engineers or professional electrical engineer or registered master electrician
  • Professional electronics engineers or electronics technician or electronics engineer
  • Geodetic engineers
  • Environmental planner
  • Guidance and counseling
  • Interior designers
  • Librarian
  • Landscape architects
  • Psychologist
  • Psychometrician
  • Respiratory therapist
  • Real estate services

PRC license renewal fee

How much will you shell out to have your work warrant revamped? The cost of renewing isn’t that cheap as the card you will be given will last for three years. Here are the payments:

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  • Baccalaureate degree professions: Php. 150 every year; hence Php. 450 for three years. A Php. 30 surcharge fee is also applicable.
  • Non- Baccalaureate degree careers: Php. 140 annually; hence Php. 420 for a maximum of 3 years. Additionally, a Php. 28 surcharge amount should be paid.

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How to renew PRC license
Image: @prclicense
Source: UGC

How to renew PRC license online

You will need an active internet connection. For more convenience, use a computer or a tablet instead of a mobile gadget. You can use any browser of your choice. Opera Mini users should set their data-savings mode to “Off.” Next, you have to access the online portal via the step by step guide below:

  1. Make sure you have all the prerequisites: The requirements vary per profession, as shown above.
  2. Go to the PRC portal and press the enter button.
  3. Register/login to your account: Click the “Sign in” button on the PRC portal homepage and enter your correct details to proceed.
  4. Complete your PRC profile: Sign in to your account and update your profile. You will need to enter your citizenship details, contact information, family background, education, employment, and valid ID number.

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5. Upload a photograph: Click on the Camera button and adhere to the following:

  • The photo should have dimensions of 2x2 inches
  • The picture background should be white
  • It should also be not more than six months' old
  • You should be in official attire
  • Do not wear glasses when taking it
  • The photograph should resemble you
  • Your ears should be uncovered
  • No shadows should be visible

6. Initiate renewal: Click on the “Select Transaction” button on the top right corner on your profile page. Press “Renewal” from the listing in the next window.

7. Choose your profession: From the drop-down menu provided, you need to select your line of work. If it is not listed, then you should use the traditional method.

8. Enter your PRC no: In the next window you will be prompted to key in your license number, make sure you key in the correct digits. Tap the “Proceed” option as soon as you are done to continue with the procedure.

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9. Choose your preferred PRC office: This is where you will collect your ID. Make sure you can easily access the regional branch. Press on the Proceed button.

10. Make payments: You have the options below:

  • Debit or credit card
  • PayMaya
  • UCPB: Here, you will have to proceed to the nearest UCPB branch with the assigned reference number to pay the renewal fee.
  • PRC Cashier
  • Land Bank

11. Claim your professional ID: You will be given an appointment date; you should make sure you go to collect the card after or on the stated day. To claim it, make sure you have the following documents:

  • Printed payment receipt
  • Copy and original of the expired PRC ID card
  • Original and a copy of your certificates with the earned CPD credit units.
  • A printed online application form for PRC Card

How to renew PRC license for teachers

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Tutors cannot access the online portal; hence the above steps should not be followed. As a teacher, you will make your application traditionally. You will need to visit PRC offices at Annex Building third floor manually. While here, present all the necessary documents for verification.

Additionally, you will need to pay the renewal payments stated in this write-up

How to renew PRC license for nurses

Nurses are among the professions that can access the online portal. If this is your line of work, channel your application through the procedure captured in this guide.

You need to fill in all the required details online, make payments and have your documents verified by setting an appointment to the nearest regional PRC office.

How to renew PRC license without CPD

Philippines professionals working abroad do not need Continuing Profession Development (CPD) credit units. Newly licensed individuals do not need the certification on their first cycle as well. You can now revamp your license until December 20th without complying with CPD regulations.

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How to renew PRC license with CPD units

Continuing workers are required to have earned CPD Credit Units. Each profession has a different set of prerequisite units. For instance, dentists need 60 points while accountants as much as 120. Follow the procedure above and present your CPD units document on your appointment day.

The procedure on how to renew PRC license is that simple. You only have to register or login to the official portal and fill in all the required details. Finally, you should collect your PRC ID on or after your appointment date.

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