Medico Legal Officer ng PNP Forensic Group, posible umanong maging kalansay ang bangkay sa loob ng 2-2.5 weeks

Medico Legal Officer ng PNP Forensic Group, posible umanong maging kalansay ang bangkay sa loob ng 2-2.5 weeks

- Radyo Bandera Philippines interviewed the medico legal officer of the PNP Forensic Group

- Dr. Thirdy Acosta said that, depending on certain factors, it is possible for a body to decompose in 2 to 2.5 weeks

- He enumerated the factors that could either hasten or slow the decomposition process, and number one among them was location

- The doctor also said that if the location is moist, then it could foster bacterial activity that could likewise speed up the decomposition process

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Dr. Thirdy Acosta of the PNP Forensic Group was interviewed by Radyo Bandera Philippines regarding the bones that were discovered in a forested area in Palawan alleged to belong to Jovelyn Galleno.

Jovelyn Galleno
Photo: Jovelyn Galleno (@Radyo Bandera Philippines)
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He explained that there are factors that could explain the decomposition process from a forensic viewpoint.

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"In this case kasi...something may have happened to the body that may affect the decomposition process, that may or may not hasten the process..." he said.
"We have to emphasize also the factors that could affect the decomposition process, mainly, location, kung saan inilibing yung katawan. Of course, I am not familiar with the geography of Palawan, pero from the looks of the picture, it was located in a very isolated area, na medyo magubat, madamo, that would suggest that the place is pagka medyo moist kasi, nagfo-foster kasi iyan ng bacterial activities..." he added

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"Sa normal decomposition, bacteria plays a major roe in initiating the process process," Dr. Acosta said.
"Add to that other factors tulad ng status ng body...position..." he also added.
"To answer your question kung possible ba's not entirely impossible, kasi I have a case in my area, one body I examined, 12 days lang exposed yung skull..." the doctor recounted.

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When asked if the bones can appear as per discovered within 2 to 2 1/2 weeks from day one, the doctor answered it's a possibility.

"Posible kung 2 weeks or 2 1/2 weeks, posible na ang physical appearance ng mga bones na ito is possible from Day 1, na ganito talaga siya, tuyo?" reporter asked.
"Yes, it's a possibility..." said the doctor.

The doctor explained that if the body does not have any clothes, it also hastens the decomposition process.

Jovelyn Gallano is a 22-year old employee working in a mall in Palawan. She went missing on August 5. According to her sister, her employer said that Jovelyn already signed out from her work around 6:30 p.m. on that day. She was still able to chat to her sister but she wasn’t able to go home anymore.

Jovelyn Galleno’s aunt, Leonita Galleno, issued an emotional appeal in an exclusive interview over DWOK FM 107.9, “Ang Bigwas Station” in Puerto Princesa, for her niece to already surface. Leonita said she doesn’t believe Jovelyn is dead and so appealed to her to have pity on her mom and aunts. She also said that if Jovelyn wouldn’t show herself to her family and to the public, Leonita’s son would be in peril. It can be recalled that Leobert Dasmariñas, Leonita’s son, claimed to police authorities that he took part in the alleged abduction of his cousin, Jovelyn.

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The family of Leobert Dasmariñas, one of the two suspects in the Jovelyn Galleno case, has given their statement in an interview about their kin’s admission of the purported crime. According to his mother, while she wouldn’t immediately dismiss as untrue the admission of Leobert, she doesn’t feel the “impact” of the allegations made being the mother of the suspect. The suspect’s younger sister, on the other hand, said she can’t believe the allegations because she knew her “kuya” well.

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