Hugot lines love: Top 50 hugots to make you laugh and cry

If you're an avid user of social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, then there is a huge chance that you have read a post with a "hugot" line or two. Hugot lines love are catchy and clever phrases that come from deep sentimental emotions, usually pertaining to love and friendships. What are the best hugot lines to make you fall in love?

The quick emergence of hugot in our culture can perhaps be attributed to the classic romantic drama films that Filipinos are so fond of binging. "One More Chance" (2007) and its sequel gave us a taste of the most heavy-hearted hugots known to man. Of course, who can forget the recent "Hello, Love, Goodbye" for bringing us the most relatable hugot to make us cry our hearts out?

What is hugot lines?

"Hugot lines" or just "hugot" has a very loose definition. In one hand, they are brief phrases and catchlines that are written with a deeply-rooted emotion typically the result of a broken heart or another kind of problematic or inconvenient situation. On the other hand, hugot lines are simply dramatic quotes taken from movies, music, or quotes by popular people.

On the rise of Filipino cyber pop culture, creative hugot lines found their place in social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. In these platforms, the users' hugot quotes can be spun from almost anything unrelated. Here's an example of a hugot lines tagalog:

"Ate, pabili po ng kape" "Anong kape?" "Yung matapang. Yung kaya akong ipaglaban". ("Miss, I would like to buy some coffee" "What kind?" "The strong kind. The kind that's strong enough to fight for me.")

During the early period of their trend, the creation "hugot lines love life" was a competition of quick wits and creativity between friends in social networks to see who can turn the most unrelated subject into something melancholic and overly sentimental. Here's an example of a cleverly hilarious hugot tagalog about a Halloween costume.

"Alam mo kung anong costume ko ngayong Halloween? Commitment. Doon ka takot ‘di ba?” (You know that my Halloween costume is? It's commitment. That scares you, doesn't it?)

As you can see, the early versions of hugot lines begin as a seemingly normal statement then takes an overdramatic turn, such as this one:

"Naramdaman mo ba yung lindol? Siyempre hindi. Manhid ka kasi." (Did you just feel the earthquake? Of course not. Because you are emotionally numb.)

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Needless to say, hugot lines drawn from popular movies and music made a major contribution to the spearheading of this trend. Almost everyone you ask knows about the classic film hugot lines such as:

"She had me at my worst. You had me at my best. Pero binaliwala mo ang lahat... and you chose to break my heart." (She had me at my worst. You had me at my best. But you took what we had for granted... and you chose to break my heart.") - One More Chance (2007)

"Mahal mo ba ako dahil kailangan mo ako? O kailangan mo ako kaya mahal mo ako?" (Do you love me because you need me? Or do you need me because you love me?) - Milan (2004)

We, Filipinos, just do not seem to have enough feelings bottled up and make a hugot about. After all, hugot is the root word for the phrase "may pinaghuhugutan" which means "drawing emotions from a struggle".

How to write hugot lines?

The definition of what hugot is has changed drastically over the past few years. Writing hugot used to be a craft that utilized quick wits and sharp humor. Fortunately, today, it is a much simpler task that only requires writing about sadness and heartbreak. For most of the time, the words hugot and quotes can be used interchangeably because of how synonymous they seem.

In social media, just write about anything that correlates to nostalgia and loneliness and use a background with sad aesthetics and warm, orange-ish tone. Here's an example:

You can also write hugot lines love life tagalog quotes in plain text. Most hugot lines love Tagalog 2019 are written this way.

Hugot lines love: Top 50

Love can be a difficult and painful endeavour and as such, others may fail in search for it. In this failure that results in a broken heart, we find our most downtrodden hugot lines love Tagalog. Here are some great hugot lines to remember about one-sided love:

Recent original Pinoy music (OPM) has some great and unforgettable love quotes Tagalog playing in the local radios, too. Here are some from musicians This Band, Ben&Ben, Moira, and December Avenue.

Filipino romantic drama flicks are the biggest avenues for the exploration of dysfunctional relationships and broken friendships. Here are the most memorable hugot lines in Filipino films of all time:

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Some people go through the journey of life in a much more difficult path than others. In their way, there might be sorrow and loneliness. Here are the most relatable hugot lines English to take a note of in these times.

Naturally, Hollywood romantic drama films are also a sanctuary for forbidden relationships and unrequited love. Nobody can forget the deepest, most heart-wrenching hugot lines love quotes English from Hollywood films of all times:

Talking about music, the hugot lines love English in Filipino songs are just as heartbreaking as the ones in English.

Stressed? Broken? In love? Whatever you're going through, you can be certain that there is always a perfect hugot lines love for every emotion.

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