15 top universities in the philippines 2020: List

15 top universities in the philippines 2020: List

Academic papers have become an essential requirement for many people around the world. Numerous people join institutions every year in pursuit of these documents. To attract as many students as possible, the competition among these centers of excellence is high. If you are looking for top universities in the Philippines, look no more.

top universities in the philippines
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With the demand for education in the Philippines being on the rise, several students are keen on the institutions they want to join. Infrastructural development, research successes, and competent and qualified staffs determine the ranking of institutions. So, which are these top best centers of excellence in the Philippines?

What is the best university in Philippines?

The are several good centers of higher learning in the country. It has over 2300 academic institutions you could consider joining. Some of these institutions in the Philippines offers online courses as well. Meaning, you can take your classes while anywhere on your computer.

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When deciding on the academic center to join, there are many factors to consider. Some may include the courses, places, and modes of study.

1. University of the Philippines - Diliman

top universities in the philippines
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This is one of the prestigious centers of higher learning in the country. It ranks at the top in the Philippines and 72nd among the best in the entire Asian continent.

The world ranking places it at number 356. It is in Quezon City and serves as a home of several colleges of excellence, which offer undergraduate and graduate degrees.

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2. Ateneo de Manila University

Education in the Philippines
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The institution is located in Quezon City. It is one of the Filipino Catholic academic institutions with a grade school, a high school, as well as offers undergraduate and graduate degrees. Some of the courses the center is known for include Arts, Medicine, Law, Education, Government fields, Sciences and Management.

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3. De La Salle University

Top universities in the philippines
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De La Salle stands out as one of the top institutions not only in the Philippines but also in Asia and the world at large. In 2019, the institution was listed by Times Higher Education in the University Impact Ranking 2019.

4. Technological University of the Philippines

Technological University of the Philippines
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It is among the oldest centers of higher learning. The Philippine Commission established it in 1901. The institution enrolls students in industrial, vocational, and technical fields.

5. The University of Sto. Tomas

University of Sto. Tomas
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It was established in 1611, making it the oldest in the country. The institution ranks as the largest Catholic institution in the world. It has been visited four times by three Popes. Once by Pope Paul VI, twice by John Paul II and once by Pope Francis.

6. Holy Angel University

Holy Angel University
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Holy Angel is a private Roman Catholic institution majoring in imparting its students with holistic development. It began as a high school but later transformed into a center of higher learning.

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7. Ateneo de Davao University

Ateneo de Davao University
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The institution was established in 1948, and the Society of Jesus currently manages it. The center's objective is to keep high academic excellence while teaching Christian values. Students are trained to reach high ethical standards.

8. University of San Carlos

University of San Carlos
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This is a high ranking and good academic center outside Manila. It records top passing rates for CPA exams, pharmacist licensure, Chemical Engineering licensure, and many more. One of its notable alumni is the fourth president of the Philippines, Sergio Osmena.

9. University of Manila

University of Manila
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It is a private institution located in Sampaloc District of Manilla and was established on October 5th, 1913. Among the notable courses offered here are foreign languages such as English, Japanese, Chinese and Korean, and Hotel and Restaurant Management.

10. University of the East

University of the East
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This is another private institution situated in Manila. It was founded in 1946 and has branch campuses in Caloocan City and Quezon City. Courses offered here include diplomas, together with undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in accountancy, business, information technology, dentistry, education, engineering, medicine, fine arts, among others.

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11. University of Baguio

University of Baguio
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The institution is located in Baguio. It was founded on August 8th, 1948, and ever since, it has steadily established itself as one of the best centers of higher learning in the country. It was granted independent status on March 11th, 2009, becoming the first non-sectarian in the CAR to attain such status.

12. University of Caloocan City

University of Caloocan City
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It was formerly called Caloocan City Community College and was founded on July 1st, 1971. It is located along Congressional Road, Caloocan in the Philippines. It is a top-ranking institution that offers competitive courses.

13. National University Manila

National University Manila
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This is one of the top academic centers in the Philippines. It is also one of the oldest institutions, having been established on August 1st, 1900. It is a private non-sectarian co-educational research center located in Manila.

14. Central Philippine University

Central Philippine University
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The institution has grown over time and remains focused on its mission. It is the only one in Iloilo City with an independent status. It has a certified ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System, declared by Iloilo as a tourism site. Every year, it accepts applications of as high as 30,000 students.

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It offers courses such as Education, Medicine, Arts, Engineering in its numerous schools.

15. Mapua University

Mapua University
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The institution has grown to become one of the best IT school in the country as well as in the Asian continent. Don Tomas Mapua founded it on January 25th, 1925. It was named after the founder who was the first registered architect in the Philippines.

Philippines is known around the world for its relentless support for education. Some of its colleges have among the top. It is therefore, a dream study destination for many students. If you are looking for top universities in the Philippines, the names above represent some of the finest.

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