Lolit Solis

Manay Lolit discusses Valeen Montenegro's joke about borrowing P70K from Alden Richards
Lolit Solis discusses about a joke that Valeen Montenegro made about borrowing P70K from Alden Richards supposedly to be used to pay for the rent in her condo.
Lolit Solis airs honest opinion on Marian Rivera turning down "First Yaya"
Lolit Solis recently shared her frank opinion after Marian Rivera turned down "First Yaya" with Gabby Concepcion. Her post garnered various reactions on socmed.
Ogie Diaz, dinepensahan si Heaven Peralejo sa usaping pinansyal
Lolit Solis revealed that Ogie Diaz made clarifications about Heaven Peralejo’s current financial status after rumors that she asked 100k from Manny Pacquiao.
Lolit Solis reveals Jinkee Pacquiao asked her to delete post about Heaven Peralejo
Lolit Solis took to social media to make a follow-up report about Jinkee Pacquiao lending help to Heaven Peralejo. Her new statement immediately went viral.