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Popular matinee idols of yesterday joining the world of politics. Top 5 - all time best Philippine actors who are rubbing elbows with politicians.
KAMI spotted the list from the Top Ten site, and we are routing out the top 5 most popular in the list. Some made to the desired positions and some failed.
Top 4 most handsome young Kapuso actors. Rounding up the top 4 young good looking matinee idols of today.
KAMI found the list from a YouTube channel. We are rounding them up to top 4. These are the young Kapuso actors who are undoubtedly handsome and popular today.
Pinoy celebrities who are sharing the same bloodline. Here is a run-down of Filipino celebrities who are related by blood.
KAMI tracked down the list from YouTube. We celebrate with families who share the same love and interest and are making their own names in the industry.
Uncle's Plea For His Sick Nephew Diagnosed With Leukemia. Edwin Patriarca, An IT Student Seeks Help Online For His Little Nephew, John Jayden.
-Edwin felt the immense pain seeing his nephew suffering from a terrible illness and his sister experiencing all these heart-wrenching episodes. Read here