Vhong Navarro suffers painful accident while playing Cash-Ya on 'It's Showtime

Vhong Navarro suffers painful accident while playing Cash-Ya on 'It's Showtime

- Vhong Navarro suffered an accident on “It’s Showtime”

- He slipped and fell while walking across the stage

- The host blamed Billy Crawford for what happened to him

“It’s Showtime” is constantly entertaining because it can make its viewers laugh both intentionally and unintentionally. Here is an example of the latter.

KAMI obtained a hilarious clip of a recent episode from the YouTube channel of ABS-CBN Entertainment.

The video shows Vhong Navarro walking onstage and slipping after he walked on a sleeping mat.

The host fell to the floor as his co-hosts rushed to him to pick him up.

When he got up, Vhong blamed his co-host Billy Crawford for what happened to him.

However, the video replay showed that Billy had nothing to do with his accident.

Vhong’s other co-hosts, especially Nadine Lustre, laughed hard after he slipped and fell on the floor.

Netizens were amused and entertained by the epic fail caught on video.

“Yan yung feeling na nasaktan ka na,tapos wala parin syang pake sayo,Tapos tatawanan kalang nya.Edi syempre kailangan ming magpanggap na okay ka lang tska tumatawa.”

“Yung reaction ni Nadine lang talaga tinitignan ko eh hahahahaha!”

KAMI wants to remind you not to blame others for your mistakes. Learn to take responsibility for your actions!

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Source: KAMI.com.gh

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