Pinay sisters share their creepy experience with Uber driver

Pinay sisters share their creepy experience with Uber driver

- A female netizen shared on Facebook the encounter she and her sister had with an Uber driver

- While driving, the driver had a conversation on his phone, seemingly about kidnapping his passengers

- The netizen was able to take a video of the driver while he was talking on his phone

After hearing the shocking story of these terrified sisters, you might think twice the next time you call for an Uber ride.

A netizen named Mary Nel T. Sagalongos shared on her Facebook page the encounter she and her sister Chelsea Mae had with a creepy Uber driver.

Photo from May Nel T. Sagalongos' Facebook

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Here are excerpts from her viral Facebook post.

“I'm still shaking. Idk but I think my sister and I almost got kidnapped today by an uber driver. Booked a ride from SM Aura to Eastwood City. The driver was already creepy while we were talking on the phone when I was asking where he was.

“When we were about to turn the navigator said "turn left" then he turned right then he was cursing I remember him saying "Tanginang waze to hindi naman dyan yung daan". I just ignored him but I was starting to get nervous.”

Photo from May Nel T. Sagalongos' Facebook

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“The place where he took us really looked sketchy. We started to pass by a couple of creepy alleys. I've had several trips from SM Aura to Eastwood and I never passed by that sketchy place so I asked him where we were and why we passed there.

“He pulled out his phone and talked to one of his mates. I listened to the whole conversation and when what they were talking about started to get really creepy I started to take a video of him.

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“What he was saying while speaking to someone was: "Nakadali nanaman ako ng first prize, jackpot nanaman. First prize. Alam mo na. Tanginang yan talagang pag sweswertehin ka nga naman. Tamang alipin. Putangina. Putangina talaga eh. Bwisit. Ha? Ayos na. Oo nga, dun nalang natin dadalhin.

“So when I saw that we were in a place where there were a lot of people I asked him to stop the car straight away.”

Photo from May Nel T. Sagalongos' Facebook

“Never thought this would happen to me specially when I'm with my sister!!!! Posting this in hopes of finding the driver (Actually NO, I never want to see his face ever again) Also, to make everyone aware of what's out there. I always sleep in my Uber rides. If the driver sounds creepy over the phone, don't hesitate to just cancel the ride instead of risking your safety.

If anyone knows how to go to uber office to complain please let me know. I already sent a feedback using the app and I hope they get back to me really fast.”

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