24 Pinoy celebrities with the hottest abs

24 Pinoy celebrities with the hottest abs


When people look at celebrities, they all seem so perfect. They have the perfect hair, wardrobe, smile, and body as well. Our current roster of pinoy hunks is somewhat a reflection of our own ideal bodies and what we want to see in other people.

We all want to have a muscular or toned body with big biceps and six-pack abs. For some women, or even men, having abs is enough for you to become hot. It’s so hard to get abs no matter how hard your workout routine is. It definitely needs dedication and willpower just to have abs.

Because it’s so hard to get, we admire some of these filipino celebrity hunks who have the hottest abs in the showbiz industry.

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1. Carlos Agassi

Carlos Agassi is an actor, underwear model, restaurant owner, and a rapper.

2. Semerad Twins

Anthony and David Semerad are models, TV hosts, and basketball players. They’re also both equally hot.

3. Ejay Falcon

Ejay started as a winner from the reality show Pinoy Big Brother: Teen edition. Now, he’s a successful actor and commercial model.

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4. Marco Gumabao

Marco has come a long way from a chubby kid to a full hottie! His acting career is also skyrocketing with new shows piling up.

5. Vin Abrenica

From being a Kapuso, Vin switched to being a Kapamilya. He’s the brother of another famous actor, Aljur Abrenica.

6. Rodjun Cruz

Rodjun started out as a child star who has now become a TV host, actor, and dance sensation.

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7. Dominic Roque

Dominic is a rising Kapamilya actor and one of the newest Bench underwear model.

8. Benjamin Alves

The Kapuso actor once admitted that he and Pia Wurtzbach dated. It’s your loss Pia for letting go of this baby-faced hunk.

9. Enzo Pineda

Enzo was one of the finalists of GMA’s StarStruck V. After that, he became a model and actor. You’ll definitely be ‘star struck’ after seeing him topless with his perfectly sculpted abs.

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10. JC De Vera

JC De Vera, actor, model, and host of ABS-CBN, has also ventured to entertaining people by joining Banana Split. Besides his jokes, he also entertains us by showing off his abs.

11. Jak Roberto

This video of Kapuso actor Jak Roberto will surely make your mornings more bearable.

12. Zeus Collins

Zeus was a finalist in Pinoy Big Brother and is now a regular performer with his crew Hashtags at Showtime every noon.

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13. Markki Stroem

Singers like Markki have to keep their cores tight so they can sing better. In this case, having great abs like his might be the reason why he’s also a great singer.

14. Joseph Marco

Seeing Joseph Marco with his abs out like this will just leave you breathless.

15. Albie Casino

Albie Casino has been working out a lot lately and here’s the product of his hardwork.

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16. Tommy Esguerra

Tommy Esguerra might not have won Pinoy Big Brother during his time, but he definitely won the hearts of his fans.

17. Sam Milby

Catch this hunk half-naked on his movie Camp Sawi with Andi Eigenmann, Arci Munoz, Yassi Pressman, Bela Padilla, and Kim Molina.

18. Tom Rodriguez

Tom Rodriguez is good at sculpting things using clay and also at sculpting his own abs by working out.

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19. Jake Cuenca

Jake has been known to bare his butt cheeks on the runway, but seeing his abs alone is enough for us.

20. Gerald Anderson

Gerald has definitely evolved from a lanky teenager from Pinoy Big Brother to a truly manly hunk!

21. Derek Ramsay

Whenever you think of actors with the hottest abs, Derek Ramsay always has to be on top of that list.

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22. Piolo Pascual

Admit it. Your eyes directly focused on his abs, right?

23. Derrick Monasterio

He may just be 21-years-old, but Derrick will make you sweat!

24. James Reid

Need we say more? James just has total appeal.

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