Yasay posts meme photo on Facebook

Yasay posts meme photo on Facebook

- Foreign Affairs Secretary Perfecto Yasay Jr. posted a meme featuring himself on his Facebook account

- Yasay posted the photo to express support in the administration's war on drugs

- The meme was supposedly a counter to an earlier meme where he was depicted as a Chinese soldier

Foreign Affairs Secretary Perfecto Yasay Jr. is up for a meme battle as he posted a photo of him on his Facebook account wearing a full battle gear while holding a short rifle to show support for President Rodrigo Duteerte and the administration's war on drugs.

Yasay posted the photo on October 27 with the caption:

"I am with President Duterte and the Filipino people in the all out war against illegal drugs. Tara na, sama na para sa kapakanan at kinabukasan ng ating bansa."
Yasay posts meme photo on Facebook
Perfecto Yasay meme (Photo from facebook.com)

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The foreign affairs secretary posted the photo to counter another meme where he was portrayed wearing a Chinese military uniform to criticize the foreign policy of President Duterte's administration.

In the photo Yasay posted, he was wearing a camouflage uniform, sunglasses, an a cap with a noticeable inverted Philippine flag printed on it which symbolizes war.

As some were pleased with Yasay's meme, others criticized him and his support to the bloody drug war.

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One netizen who attached a photo of a man holding two pistols commented: "I got two pistols with a combined 20 plus rounds of ammunition. They can help however few."

Another netizen reacted: "Supporting slaughter and breach of the Constitution is not supportable in any way. The whole thing is based on fake, misinterpeted and make-up figures any way."

Others pointed out the yellow band that Yasay was wearing in the photo. One netizen said: "Almost a great photo, Sir Secretary Perfecto Yasay hope yung yellow baller naging Du30 blue and red baller po."

Yasay responded to the comments and explained: "That is my Nike 'Livestrong' band as a cancer survivor...not a support for 'mga dilaw na hilaw'."

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Source: KAMI.com.gh

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