VIDEOS: 5 Funniest Pinoy kids who went viral

VIDEOS: 5 Funniest Pinoy kids who went viral

Filipino kids can be really cute, naughty, tireless and energetic. Many of them can also be extremely funny!

Here are some of the funniest Pinoy kids who went viral for being too hilarious. Prepare to laugh out loud watching these clips.

Let it go!

This kid tried to display his singing chops for the entire world to see. But the world got more than they bargained for. This video shows an epic singer, an epic song, and an even more epic “uhog.”

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Kulot vs kuya

Many brothers have a love-hate relationship. However, these siblings seem to have a hate-hate relationship.

Watch this young boy hilariously complain about his elder brother insulting his curly hair and commenting on his armpit’s odor. The adult who took the video makes everything funnier, as he takes advantage of the boy’s anger and frustration towards his “kuya.”

Sleep dancing

You have probably heard of people who sleep walk or sleep talk. This child shows us that there is also such a thing as sleep dancing. Watch her unforgettable sleep dance video!

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Aura’s acting

Before becoming a television child star, Aura was just a boy who loved to make everyone laugh through his versatile acting skills. His video, with the future Pinoy star’s acting skills on full display, quickly went viral and captivated the Filipino people. His natural talent in drama and comedy has become the stuff of legend and is already considered as one of the funniest Pinoy kids of all-time!

Foul-mouthed boy

(EDITOR’S NOTE: This video contains language that may not be suitable for minors. Parental guidance is strongly advised.)

Pranking people by scaring them out of their wits is a fulfilling experience for many people. The guy in this video is proof of that. Watch as he pranks a boy and turns the innocent child into a foul-mouthed beast.

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