How to recover from being friendzoned

How to recover from being friendzoned

There are times that no matter how much we love a person, it will never work. Some people end up being friendzoned. Developing more intense feelings and wanting to be more than just friends with your guy pal can be quite nerve-wracking because you are scared that he might not feel the same way for you and end up losing the friendship when you tell him about your feelings. If you do not take action, you will only be playing deep into the friend zone.

How to recover from being friendzoned

Getting out of friendzone is easier said than done, but there are steps you can take to make sure that you transition from friend to girlfriend or save your friendship from total disaster when your crush does not share the mutual romantic feelings with you.

Walk Away and Show Less Interest

If you find yourself valuing the friendship more than the other person, then it is time to step back and walk way a little. Walking away does not exactly mean that you are leaving your friend for good. It just means that you are becoming less interested with the other person knowing that he/she can never give you the relationship that you want. Staying in the friend zone will only make you the creepy, desperate one who craves for your friend’s love and attention.

While it can be tough to draw the fine line from becoming less interested to completely ignoring your friend, taking the time to back off a little from the friendship will give an objective view of the kind of relationship that you want to pursue with the other person. Shift your focus and treat the relationship the way that it is meant to be: pure friendship.

Make Time for Yourself

The problem with people stranded in the friendzone is that they do not make any effort to get out of it. They want to spend as much time as possible with the guy they are crushing on because they are hoping that the familiarity will eventually lead to attraction. If you see yourself in this precarious situation, you need to do this: GET A LIFE OF YOUR OWN.

Spending too much time together can give you a false sense of romance thinking that since he enjoys spending time with you, the bond has a chance to go beyond the friendship stage. Make time for yourself by doing the things that you are passionate about. Read your favorite books, start your own cupcake business, write your own music, volunteer at a soup kitchen, or help grow a forest—do the things that you enjoy doing alone or with other people as long as it is not with your crush. Let him see that you are a passionate, fun-loving woman with a world of your own.

Talk Out the Awkwardness

Sometimes the only way you can get out of the friendzone is by knowing what your friend is really feeling about you. Have a direct conversation with the person you have romantic feelings for by admitting to him that you see him/her as more than friends. Keep in mind that doing this requires a lot of courage and maturity from you because you will never know what his response will be.


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