Marriage certificate Philippines 2020: sample, form, where to get

Marriage certificate Philippines 2020: sample, form, where to get

A marriage certificate Philippines is a vital government document that certifies the union between two married individuals. What is more, it is used in various legal functions that range from divorce proceedings, confirming the legitimacy of a child's parents, a couple/partner change in the official name, and much more.

Marriage certificate Philippines 2020
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If you plan to make it official between you and your partner, you have every reason to learn more about this essential document. Probably, you do not want to find yourself in an awkward position years later after you tie the knot. So, what is there to know?

Essential details about the document

Below is everything you may need to know regarding this special document.

What is the difference between marriage contract and marriage certificate Philippines?

A marriage certificate is a legal document that proves that a couple is officially husband and wife. It is issued after an officiated wedding. For you to get a marriage document, you must first possess a license.

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On the other hand, marriage contracts are used to explain the wayward in the event of specific future occurrences. The contracts contain binding agreements on how couples will work out specific issues in their future life as an item. A good example is the property and wealth sharing ration in an instance of a divorce.

So, what is a marriage license?

It is a legal document that acts as an application for a married people to get engaged. In other words, it is acquired before their wedding. What is more, it legitimizes that an individual or the lovers are eligible to tie the knot by the laws of the country.

How to get marriage certificate Philippines

According to The Family Code of the Philippines (1), one must be legally qualified for a wedding for them to access this lawfully binding document. Some of the crucial elements required for one to acquire the document are as follows:

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1. A valid birth certificate

This will prove your legal name and that of your partner's parents

2. A request for a CENOMAR

The CERTIFICATE OF NO MARRIAGE (CENOMAR ) demonstrates that a specific partner is not in any other legally recognized engagement with another individual.

Note: It is essential to get this document a period closer to your wedding since it has a life span of 6 months before it expires.

3. Access a cedular document

This is also referred to as a residence document or community tax document. It proves that the couple comes from a specific municipality within the different Philippines regions.

4. Application for a Philippine marriage license

A wedding ceremony led by, for example, a priest or any other lawfully recognized officiate.

5. Have witnesses for the occasion

It is necessary for the couple to have witnesses. They should be from both side; groom and bridegroom sides.

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6. Wedding ceremony

The couple must conduct a wedding either in a church or a place of their choice. Also, a proof of the same must be available. During the service, the vows will be read, and the couples have to sign the contract of their union.

The document will be signed by both the witness and officiate proving that the two are legally joined as husband and wife.

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Where to get marriage certificate Philippines

how to get marriage certificate philippines
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After two weeks and one day of your wedding, the officer who participate in solemnizing the couples union will take the signed contract copies to their municipality's Local Civil Registrar offices. Afterwards, he/she will be issued with an official document.

How to get a certified copy of your marriage certificate Philippines

A certified copy is accessible through the local municipal offices or the Local Civil Registrar offices. What is more, it is available after ten working days from the time that the weddings officiate registered a specific union. Below are the procedures to follow.

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1. Visit your Local Civil Registrar and offer your original identity card copy

2. Fill the application form with correct details of the contract slip that you will be provided.

3. Pay the required fee. The marriage certificate Philippines cost may vary from one LCR to another.

4. Collect the document individually or by sending a representative later on the same day.

NOTE: If you are not available and have to send a representative to collect it on your behalf, you will have to write and give him/her the following:

  • Your authorization letter for marriage certificate
  • Your national ID
  • The representative's national ID

How to check if marriage certificate is available in PSA

nso marriage certificate philippines
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The PSA offers an authenticated government copy of the marriage certificate form. Couples can get information about the availability of the documents through the PSA online platform. One has to visit the PSA Serbilis official website and follow the simple inquiry steps.

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The second option is visiting the PSA customer helpline and getting any queries and questions answered by the accommodative customer care support group.

Below are the necessary details that one has to offer to check the availability of their documents as per marriage certificate Philippines sample:

  • The legal and full husband's name
  • Legal and full wife's name
  • The official date that the wedding was held
  • The location where it took place
  • Requestor's address
  • The exact no. of copies that were requested
  • The reason behind seeking the document

Since PSA offers the authentic version, it takes quite long for it to be processed compared to the LCR.

How to check if marriage certificate is available in NSO

NSO marriage certificate Philippines can be checked by visiting the NSO helpline website. On the website, one is supposed to provide their personal details, more especially their official names. The details, in particular, may include:

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  • 1st name
  • Middle name
  • Last name
  • Requesting party's affiliation to the wedded

A marriage certificate Philippines is a crucial document that certifies the legality of any wedding. For a couple to access the report, they must first be of age as provided for by the Filipino laws. The document is accessible through the PSA and NSO online platforms as well as physically through the Local Civil Registrar offices.

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