Macao Imperial Tea: best seller, locations, franchise, menu

Macao Imperial Tea: best seller, locations, franchise, menu

Macao Imperial Tea has managed to get the world talking about milk tea. The brand has a market share in different regions in the US, UK, and Asia. One of the places that the company has recently focused on is the Philippines, where it has managed to become a trendsetter and a force to reckon with.

Macao Imperial Tea
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The brand is unique because it offers Taiwanese-inspired teas. The uniqueness of its product and style of business has resulted in its rapid growth.

In the Philippines, it has over fifty branches and offers a menu like no other. Although the company has been in the Philippines since 2017, there is still so much about the brand that you may not yet know.

Macao Imperial Tea branches Philippines

The increased demand for the company’s tea has motivated the opening up of branches in the Philippines. The company’s Facebook page indicates that the company has 94 branches in the country so far.

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These branches are dispersed across different regions in the country. However, the branches in Makati and Manila enjoy the most traffic because of the demographic composition of these cities.

Macao Imperial Tea branches Makati

The tea shops located in Makati are among the busiest. Some of the branches in the region include:

  • Ayala north exchange
  • Ayala malls circuit lane
  • Glorietta
  • Ayala columns

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Macao Imperial Tea SM Manila

Manila has a lot of people because it is the capital of the Philippines. The large masses motivated the opening up of many Macao Imperial Tea branches. They include:

  • Eastwood city
  • Sm City San Lazaro
  • Tutuban Fiesta Market
  • Mendiola
  • Ayala Malls Manila Bay
  • R Square Residences
  • Sm City Taytay
  • The Venice luxury residences
  • Morayta
  • Canwin Plaza
  • Sm City Manila
  • 107 co-working by Macao Imperial Tea

Some of the other branches include:

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  • Sm City Calamba
  • Eastwood City Walk
  • Ayala Malls feliz
  • Vista Mall Malolos
  • Robinsons Magnolia
  • The Lifestyle Strip
  • Vista Mall Taguig
  • Gmall of Tagum
  • Newport Mall

The company has invested in creating spacious and comfortable shops. You can always find a branch that is close to you regardless of where you are.

However, there are instances when the shop may be a bit far. In this case, you can utilize the Macao Imperial Tea delivery services. The tea shops charge a fee for every delivery.

Macao Imperial Tea menu

macao imperial tea menu
Image:, @macaoimperialtea
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The brand offers a variety of products. Each branch has a few specials that are customized to meet their customer needs. The basic menu has more than ten categories. Each category describes the type of drink or meal that you will be served.

Using the Macao Imperial Tea megamall menu as a reference, here are some of the basic categories found in most of the shop's menus:

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  • Cheesecake drinks
  • Chesnutt cream drinks
  • Cream cheese drinks
  • Tea
  • Milk tea
  • Yakut
  • Red bean teas
  • Coffee
  • Epresso
  • Special drinks
  • Soda

From each category, you will find several drinks and dishes. However, not every product sells as fast. There are many drinks from the menu that can be classified in the Macao Imperial Tea best seller category since they sell faster than the rest.

Macao Imperial Tea menu best seller

Macao Imperial Tea has recorded a lot of success in the country. The products that sell the most include the cream cheese and chestnut cream teas. If you would want to try out one of these best sellers, go through the menu below to understand your choices and the cost of the tea.


  • Cheesecake and pearl milk tea - Php 120.00
  • Cheesecake panda - Php 150.00
  • Cheesecake purple taro - Php 135.00
  • Cheesecake oreo - Php 140.00
  • Cheesecake cocoa - Php 135.00.00
  • Cheesecake cocoa- Php 135.00
  • Cheesecake taro -Php 130.00

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Chestnut cream

  • Chestnut cream jasmine green tea - Php 120.00
  • Chestnut cream osmanthus oolong tea - Php 125.00
  • Chestnut cream cocoa - Php 135.00
  • Chestnut cream cocoa- Php 135.00
  • Chestnut cream uji matcha - Php 155.00

The Macao Imperial Tea price ranges from Php 75 to Php 160. If you are working on a budget, the shop also offers affordable drinks. The Yakult category is the cheapest and is as good as the rest. Its menu has two entries that include:

  • Mango yakult - Php 120.00
  • Yakult green tea - Php 75.00

Macao Imperial Tea franchise

The company offers franchising opportunities to entrepreneurs. Investing in the company’s franchise has several advantages. You enjoy an investment with low risk, loyal customers and the support of the company.

To invest in the franchise, you need to table your interest and pay the initial fee. The Macao Imperial Tea franchise cost Philippines is determined by the business upon the valuation of your request.

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The shops seem to be performing very well. For instance, the Macao Imperial Tea Cebu branches seem to attract a lot of traffic. Although the area does not have as many people as Manila and Makati, the shops in the area get enough customers to keep them in business.

Macao Imperial Tea has become one of the most profitable businesses in the Philippines teashop industry. It has not only come up with unique products, but its way of business makes it very profitable. It offers quality products, and it has a world-class service.

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