Bayterek Tower: facts, photos, observation deck

Bayterek Tower: facts, photos, observation deck

Bayterek Tower Astana is largely recognized to be among Kazakhstan's most prominent monuments, and it is highly regarded in the whole land. Large amounts of local residents, along with the curious tourists from other cities and countries, come to this place every day to see Astana from above. What else is so exciting about this location?

Bayterek Tower Astana
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The view from the Bayterek Tower is indescribable - you can observe the whole city from this monument. Besides, it also has a symbolic meaning to the local residents.

Bayterek Tower facts

This tourist location is relatively new, as its establishment started in October 1996. Almost six years later, in August 2002, it was finished. In 2017, the renovations took place. Bayterek Tower architect is Akmurza Rustembekov.

The enormous monument is supposed to represent a famous tale, which has great popularity in folklore. It tells about the magical bird named Samruk, who laid its eggs between two tree branches that connected sky and earth. The eggs are the depiction of the sunshine and the new life. At one point, there was a dragon who wanted to swallow the sun and bring the darkness, but he was eventually killed by the courageous warrior Yer-Tostik.

The tower's design pays its homage to the national folklore. For the locals, this story symbolizes power and their beliefs in spiritual things. Some of this power was reflected in the famous monument.

How tall is the Bayterek Tower?

This historical place of interest is quite tall - its official height is 105 m, which translates to 344.5 feet. This is why it is such a perfect place for observation of Astana.

What is the Bayterek Tower made of?

Some of the materials that were used to lift this gorgeous monument were steel for the main body and glass for the round sphere.

Bayterek Tower inside
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Inside, there is also a lavish chandelier - the Czech crystals were beneficial for its creation. They were shaped as flying birds to pay homage to the legend that inspired the creation of this architectural masterpiece.

What can you do in the Bayterek Tower?

Bayterek Tower observation deck is regarded to be one of the main reasons why people come to this place so often. It is located 97m above the ground. The reason for such a number is a reference to the year 1997 when Astana officially earned its place as the new main city of Kazakhstan. Bayterek Tower inside has a lot of attractions to offer.

The tourists and locals can pay around $2 to visit this place. It contains three main levels: ground, connection, and the sphere. There is a modern art gallery on the ground level, which all the newcomers tend to start with. Later, the golden elevator can take you up to the sphere.

If you come to admire the enormous city from the deck, you should know some facts about it. First of all, there are a few levels - the bottom one features the 360-degree city landscape views, which every visitor can admire.

Bayterek Tower observation deck
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There is also a top-level with a handprint of the country's former leader Nursultan Nazarbayev, who became the first President of independent Kazakhstan. When the newcomer puts their hand in the handprint, the anthem of Kazakstan will start playing. Sometimes, there are also tales that you can make a wish with your hand in the imprint, and it will definitely come true.

There is a sculpture made of wood and divided into 16 segments. To make your way there, you will have to use the stairs.

Bayterek Tower is the place that unites all the Kazakhstani people and is full of various references to the land's history and culture. It has a rich past and is one of the best-known places in the country. If you ever get to come to Astana, which is currently named Nur-Sultan after the prominent President, this tower is one of the first places that you should plan your visit to.


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