Netizens, nawindang sa billboard na umaapelang huwag na silang mag-break ng jowa: "Love, D"

Netizens, nawindang sa billboard na umaapelang huwag na silang mag-break ng jowa: "Love, D"

- Netizens are currently talking about a huge billboard that has attracted the attention of many

- The huge billboard was an appeal to one's girlfriend or boyfriend, not to break up with him or her

- "Love, D" was the only clue that could determine the owner of the billboard

- Many are currently guessing as to who was "D"

A huge billboard on C5 Southbound has captured the attention of many.

Photo: Screengrab from DarkFutureTM
Source: Twitter

It was a huge billboard and one could easily read what was written on it.

It was actually an appeal to a boyfriend or girlfriend not to break up with the person who had the billboard established.

In a tweet shared by Marco @DarkFutureTM on X, one could see the words of appeal.

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"Wag na tayo mag-break, please," were the words written on the billboard.
"Love, D," was the only clue to the identity of the one who setup the billboard.

Netizens actually speculated as to who "D" was.

Two names were among the most-mentioned. One was Dominic Roque, and the other was Daniel Padilla.

Posts, such as photos or videos, that arouse the interest of netizens would often go viral on social media. These viral posts appeal to the emotions of netizens, and in rare cases, such could also happen to ordinary people. The billboard example is one of those that could truly tickle the fancy of many.

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