Sunshine Cruz, miss na ang mga anak: "Uwi na kayo"

Sunshine Cruz, miss na ang mga anak: "Uwi na kayo"

- Sunshine Cruz took to IG and shared photos of her daughters

- She said that she already misses the three of them

- In the same post, she also urged them to come home

- In the comments, Chesca Montano also said that they likewise miss their mom

Sunshine Cruz took to IG and shared photos of her three daughters.

Sunshine Cruz
Photo: Sunshine Cruz (@sunshinecruz718)
Source: Instagram

It would seem that they're in a foreign country and all of them looked stunning as they were crossing the road in New York.

Angelina, Sam and Francesca all rocked in their outfits.

The mom wrote that she already misses them.

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She also urged them to go home.

"Missing these girls so much. Uwi na kayo."

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Chesca, in the comments, responded that they also miss their mom.

"Awwww we miss u mommy!"

Many netizens underscored how lovely and gorgeous they all were.

Sunshine Cruz is a Filipina singer and actress who was born on July 18, 1977 and is part of the Cruz family clan. In September 2000, she married actor and director Cesar Montano. They have three daughters, namely, Angelina Isabelle, Samantha Angeline, and Angel Franchesca. The couple’s marriage ended in September 2018, 18 years after it was celebrated. She is now on good terms with Cesar and their children are all really close. She has also been given tons of endorsements and basking in love of her followers.

About a week ago, Sunshine took to Instagram and shared her reflections on the recent Bench Fashion Week. The actress was thankful for her chance to represent moms or the Gen Xers. She also recognized Ina Raymundo, who likewise made a similar representation during the show. Shine underscored the importance of celebrating women's bodies regardless of shape and size.

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Previously, she also took to IG Stories and shared her thoughts on the comments made by netizens on her Bench Fashion Week run. The actress looked really good and was among those who slayed the runway. She felt really flattered having read all the wonderful comments that were made about her. Sunshine really looked good on the runway, and so many netizens praised her physique.

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