Lolit Solis, nagpaliwanag ukol sa conflict nila ni Willie Revillame

Lolit Solis, nagpaliwanag ukol sa conflict nila ni Willie Revillame

- Lolit Solis expressed concern about being seen as mean towards comedian Willie Revillame, clarifying her conflict's source

- The entertainment columnist revealed that her anger was rooted in the removal of Jopay Manago, Willie’s former talent coordinator

- Jopay, left without support after losing her job and ended up in a Home for the Aged due to lack of family presence

- Despite acknowledging her frustration's misdirection, Lolit found it hard to shake the idea that Jopay's plight was linked to her job loss

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Lolit Solis shed light on the source of her conflict with comedian Willie Revillame. The showbiz reporter expressed her concern that people might perceive her as being excessively mean or harsh towards Revillame. However, Lolit clarified that her anger stemmed from the removal of Jopay Manago from her position as Revillame's former talent coordinator.

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Lolit Solis
Lolit Solis @akosilolitsolis
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According to Solis, Jopay was left with no support after losing her job and was eventually placed in a Home for the Aged, as she has no one else in her life. While Lolit acknowledged that her frustration should have been directed towards Jopay's relatives rather than Willie, she found it hard to erase the thought that Jopay's current situation may have resulted from losing her job.

She also shared her prayers and hopes for Jopay's well-being, wishing for her situation to improve and for her relatives to find time to visit and be with her.

As for Willie, Lolit advised the comedian not to insist on returning to the limelight if the public's interest in him has waned. Instead, she suggested taking a break, brainstorming new jokes, and understanding what the audience wants before making a comeback.

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“Baka isipin Salve ng tao na sobra ako mean o salbahe kay Willie Revillame. Actually ang reason lang naman kung bakit ako nagalit eh ng alisin niya sa trabaho si Jopay Manago na dati niyang talent coordinator. Kasi nga after mawalan ng work si Jopay inilagay na siya sa Home for the Aged dahil mag isa lang siya sa buhay. Alam ko na dapat hindi ako kay Willie nagalit kundi sa mga kamag anak ni Jopay. Pero hindi kasi mabura sa isip ko na kaya nasa Home for the Aged si Jopay dahil nawalan siya ng trabaho.
“Dasal na nga lang ang puwede gawin for Jopay na sana maayos ang lagay niya. At sana magkaruon ng kahit konti panahon mga kamag anak niya na dalawin siya. Kay Willie Revillame naman may constructive na payo naman ako, huwag ipilit kung medyo nag slide ka na as an entertainer. Hintayin mo na lang ulit na hanapin ka ng tao bago bumalik sa harap ng kamera. Huwag ipilit kung talagang hindi ka na hinahanap ng tao. Pahinga muna. Mag isip ng mga bagong jokes. Tignan uli kung ano gusto ng manunuod. Puwede naman pahinga muna. Huwag pasok ng pasok pag di mo pa oras dahil hindi pa interesado mga tao sa iyo. Wait muna para bongga,” Lolit said.

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Lolit Solis is an entertainment reporter, talent manager, and host in the Philippines. She is well-known for her frank commentaries about showbiz.

In a previous viral post, Manay Lolit admitted that she has hit "rock bottom" during her recent dialysis session. According to Lolit, her heart suddenly felt empty, and her mind blanked out during the dialysis. In her online post, Lolit said, "Doon lang yata nag-sink in sa akin iyon death nila Nap Gutierrez at Mario Dumaual." However, Lolit also revealed she was able to bounce back to normal the next day.

In another post, she expressed happiness at the fact that there are three noontime shows that provide entertainment to people. The veteran showbiz columnist also gave her opinion on the said shows and why it’s better there are three of them showing during lunchtime. Manay Lolit also talked about the efforts made by the hosts and co-hosts of each show. It can be recalled that as of July 1, there are three noontime shows that can be watched on both free TV and online platforms.

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