Toto Mangudadatu’s wife Sharifa Akeel opens up on breastfeeding challenges

Toto Mangudadatu’s wife Sharifa Akeel opens up on breastfeeding challenges

- Sharifa Akeel shared her challenges with breastfeeding her daughter, Princess Salwa

- Toto Mangudadatu’s wife faced extreme engorgement and pain in her breasts during the first days after childbirth

- Due to her oversupply of milk, Princess Salwa struggled with the fast milk flow, often coughing and becoming agitated during breastfeeding

- The first-time mother resorted to a combination of breastfeeding and bottle-feeding using expressed milk

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Former beauty queen Sharifa Akeel recently took to Facebook to share her candid experiences and challenges with breastfeeding her newborn daughter, Princess Salwa Akeel Mangudadatu, born on August 24, 2023. In her heartfelt post, Sharifa shed light on the difficulties she faced due to an extreme oversupply of breast milk and the subsequent challenges it posed to her breastfeeding journey.

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Toto Mangudadatu’s wife Sharifa Akeel opens up on breastfeeding challenges
Source: Facebook

Sharifa began her post by explaining the physical toll she experienced in the initial days after giving birth. She described her breasts as engorged and hard, causing excruciating pain and soreness. She further revealed that her nipples were wounded due to the overflowing milk. The excessive milk production even caused swelling in her armpits as the milk couldn't flow out properly.

Despite enduring the pain and discomfort, Sharifa persevered for three days, determined to provide nourishment to her newborn daughter. On the fourth day, after receiving a lactation massage, her milk flow improved, and the engorgement began to subside, providing her with some relief.

However, the first-time mom faced another challenge as her abundant milk supply resulted in a fast milk flow. Her daughter, Princess Salwa, struggled to cope with the rapid milk flow, often coughing and becoming agitated, which led her to stop breastfeeding prematurely.

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To address this issue, Sharifa resorted to a combination of breastfeeding and bottle-feeding using her expressed breast milk. She explained her method of pumping to fully drain her breasts before nursing Salwa to slow down the milk flow, making it more manageable for her daughter.

Akeel expressed her determination to continue offering breastfeeding to Salwa, even though her daughter seemed to prefer bottle feeding. She emphasized her commitment to finding a balance that works for both of them.

In her post, Akeel also expressed gratitude to Mamaway Philippines for their nursing pillow, which supports her during both bottle feeding and breastfeeding, providing comfort for her daughter and alleviating back strain.

“As some of you may know, I have an extreme overflowing breastmilk.
“1st day after giving birth, my breast were engorged and hard. Grabe un pain at hapdi, sugat sugat na both nips ko. Both armpits ko maga dahil sa overflowing na milk na hindi makalabas. Tiniis ko all the pain and discomfort for 3 days straight para lang I can feed her. Mabuti na lang, after I had my lactation massage on the 4th day, milk started to flow dahil wala nang blockage at humupa na ang engorgement. The pain too was relieved.

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“I thought my breastfeeding journey would be easy na by that time since my breasts are no longer engorged. But due to overabundant milk supply, Salwa struggled with the fast flow. She often coughed and and I was afraid she might choke, reason why she came off my breast because of the volume of milk that flowed. This interrupted her and she'd end up agitated at iiyak na lang. So I had no other choice but to bottle feed her.
“Sa ngayon, I still combine breastfeeding and bottle feed for Salwa using my expressed milk.
“Kahit mas prefer niya na bottle feed, I’m still trying my best to offer breastfeeding. I pump first to fully drain my breast then I nurse her afterwards so the flow will be slower, which means she would be able to cope better na.
“Thanks @mamaway_ph for the best Nursing Pillow to support us while bottle and breastfeeding. Keeps my Princess comfy and ease me back strain. Highly recommend,” Sharifa shared.

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Toto Mangudadatu, is a Pinoy politician who served as the 2nd district representative of Maguindanao province from 2019 to 2022. Rep. Mangudadatu was born on August 15, 1968, in Sultan Kudarat.

In a previous report by KAMI, Sharifa Akeel-Mangudadatu filed her candidacy for governor of Sultan Kudarat. She will be running under the Aksyon Demokratiko, Mayor Isko Moreno’s party. In her previous Facebook post, the beauty queen urged her followers and the citizens of Sultan Kudarat to join her in the new path that she is taking.

Previously, Mylene Mangudadatu gave her reaction to the marriage of the congressman to Sharifa. The message of Mylene was sent via a close friend of hers, Gio Miguel Ocampo. She said that she was at peace and that she had no problem. Gio further explained that the marriage of Cong. Mangudadatu to Sharifa Akeel is not a big thing for her and that life goes on.

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