Meet Michael V’s 20 year old daughter, Brianna Bunagan

Meet Michael V’s 20 year old daughter, Brianna Bunagan

- Michael V’s daughter, Brianna Bunagan is now a singer

- The 20-year old singer’s song Ayoko Na can be heard in the airwaves and in an episode of Pepito Manaloto

- The fruit clearly does not fall far off the tree

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If we told you that the father of this new singer is Beethoven del Valle Bunagan, we’re sure it won’t strike so much of an interest, right? Well, what if we told you that new up and coming singer, Brianna Bunagan’s father is no other than the musically gifted Michael V., then we’re sure that you’ll listen.

As first reported by, having Michael V as your dad is definitely a tough act to follow and is with any other artist, they want to make it on their own, right? Probably that’s why she decided to keep her real name to avoid any musical association to her dad.

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Well, she is well on her way to musical stardom releasing her song Ayoko Na heard on the break up scene of Julie Anne San Jose and Jake Vargas. Which can be seen below.

What do you guys think? Do you think she has potential? Hit us up on the comments below.

Brianna Bunagan is one of Michael V’s 4 children, 1 of 2 girls

She sang the song Ayoko Na written by Michael V.

The 20-year old singer also plays the saxophone.

In a previous report by , here is Michael V.’s multi-talented daughter, Yanni Bunagan.

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