Thai internet personality Mader Sitang is more than just a viral sensation

Thai internet personality Mader Sitang is more than just a viral sensation

- Internet sensation Mader Sitang turns out to be more than just viral dancing personality

- This 59-year old former lawyer used to make waves because of her ‘head throw dance’

- Now she is making waves because of her kind heart

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In the internet, there is no clean-cut formula for making one thing go viral. Getting viral is just something that happens. You cannot plan it because sometimes, even if you purposely want to make something go viral, it just doesn’t.

When one thing goes viral, it can go that way for two ends of the spectrum; It could’ve gone viral because people genuinely like it or because people want to poke fun at it. Whichever way it went viral, it does not matter anymore because it just became famous either way.

An example of which is Psy’s Gangnam Style from 2013 which as of this writing, has already hit a little of 2 BILLION views and that is on YouTube alone. We still haven’t taken into account other social media platforms where that video was also shared.

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Thai internet personality Mader Sitang is more than just a viral sensation

Sitagsus Bao or Sitang Buathong or more famously known as “Mader Sitang” is another example of something that has gone viral. This 59-year old transgender from Thailand is driving the netizens crazy with her signature dance move known as the “head throw dance”. Many of her dancing videos have spread across all social media and, sadly, this was all she was known for.

But her story just does not end there. Along with so many Filipinos, KAMI has also learned that she is more than just a person in a viral video. She also has a kind heart as seen in this Twitter post.

As few comments on social media talk about Mader Sitang as a person.

she helped before sa mga yolanda victims. i browse some random comments and 99% everybody says she's nice and caring :) <3 that's why thai people loves her. :) Nag share din yung pinoy friend niya na siya pa talaga yung humabol sa isang pulubi para lang mabigyan ito ng pera. :) And a close friend of her says she's an attorney.. kaya wag na tay magtaka bakit sya mayaman.
Kung sino pa yung nilalait sya pa palang mabait. Godbless this person.

Whatever the reason why this person garnered internet fame is totally up to you but she is taking advantage of that fame for good.

Mader Sitang finazlly transitioned when she was 40 years old and when she quit at being a lawyer.

The 59-year old is married and happy.

She is a famous endorser in Thailand with an online shop.

In a previous report by , Mader Sitang and Vice Ganda will most likely be in a movie together.

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