Ang gandang bata! Meet Caleigh Simone, Jackie Forster's daughter who bravely battled cancer

Ang gandang bata! Meet Caleigh Simone, Jackie Forster's daughter who bravely battled cancer

- Jackie Forster once asked prayer through social media for her then three-year old daughter Caleigh Simone, who was battling cancer in 2014.

- Caleigh looks healthier now and she has even a growing number of fans and followers.

- The former actress Jackie Forster shares updates of her daughter via an Instagram account which she manage.

Cancer is a serious illness. It is something that most of us fear as having cancer can mean loosing your life.

Jackie Forster is the former wife of Benjie Paras and mother of Kobe and Andre Paras,

The former actress once asked for prayers way back in 2014 for her daughter who was diagnosed to have Leukemia, a cancer of the blood.

KAMI learned about Caleigh Simone from a site called Chizmix.

Though cancer is life threatening, most children and teens with childhood leukemia can be successfully treated.

Caleigh Simone was very well aware of her condition but she fought strongly amidst the painful chemotherapy.

According to Jackie, "She'll have chemo or surgery, she'll wake up next day, ask me to open the window and tell me to look up and tell how beautiful the sun rises,"

“She'll paint a boat on water and she'll paint the sky pink. I'll tell her, 'No, it's supposed to be blue,' and she'll say, 'No mom, it's pink and orange. Days later, she'll tell me to look out and say, 'See mom? I told you!' She's an angel."

The little girl is now 6 years old and shows no trace of the cancer. She is lively, energetic ans also loves posing for the camera.

Her Instagram account managed by her mom Jackie has almost 10K followers.

It is indeed inspiring to see such stories of triumph over a very hard time.

Here are some of her adorable pictures from her Instagram.

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