Netizen writes a heartbreaking message for the last man she loved

Netizen writes a heartbreaking message for the last man she loved

Falling in love is one of the best feelings anyone could ever have. But when the time comes that both should let each other go, the pain is just intolerable.

Facebook user Hazel Arrib has a heartbreaking experience of being in a relationship that just did not work out.

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Here is her message to the last man he loved:

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"To the last man I loved.

I remembered how we started. If i am not mistaken, it was my OJT days in PICC when we became friends online. We used to talk almost everyday on how was our day. Those days became months. Months became years.

Do you still remember when i wrote an email to be sent February 14, 2016? Yes, i tried that kung sakaling di man tayo magkita at least I wrote something that I won't regret. And you should know.

We were good friends and eventually became close friends.

Just like the usual stories of people who met online, we met..

I remembered you waiting at the corner of gasoline station around Evangelista. I saw you from afar and my mind whispered 'Finally'. I remembered the beat of my heart as i went out of the taxi.

Your first smile. Your first word. Everything.

I can't forget the way you looked at me and how we laughed at Jollibee. How I wish I can turn back time.

I can't forget you pinched me on my shoulder on that day and I was pissed off.

After two months, we became official. Sino mag-aakala diba?

I remembered that Imperial moment. It started there..

Party moments turned to travel moments. Hanging out turned to staying at home. Chatting turned to spending time together. Days turned to a year.

A year of happiness and pain. Indeed, I was the happiest by your side. I do always love you with all your imperfections. To some people, we were like an ideal one. Yet, they didn't know behind the scenes.

Being your girlfriend was not easy. A lot of girls and gays were around and in betweens. Indeed, you are handsome. I knew you did your part as my boyfriend and even let me handled your social accounts. I respected and accepted the fact of you being friendly since you grew alone as an only child. But my love, friendly and flirty are two different things. I, myself, avoided the rest for I respected you. It was not an ideal relationship. We fought over small things. I cried. You cried. Behind the scenes, you are not allowed to this kind of relationship. I accepted and tried my best to fit in your world. To be the better one if I am not the best. Behind the scenes, I can't tag you on photos due to a reason which I respected. Behind the scenes, where my insecurities and urges to be loved and be the only one. Behind the scenes, where my wasted time and effort to save that relationship. I promised you that I will fight for you but I did not mean to compete with others. Behind the scenes, where I lost the man I loved and prayed to God.

I remembered the day we were at Contis. Ice cream cake used to be my happy food. Yet, on that day. I promised myself not to eat that again. It reminded me on the day we broke up. The day I was smiling and tears were rolling on my cheeks while I said "Yes." A plain YES that made us cry inside the taxi while a sad song played. We broke up not because we did not love each other. It's because you let me go and I got no reason to hold on. Doo, loving you was one of the best decisions I ever made. And loving means sacrificing to the one you love.

I am sorry for my shortcomings and attitude at times. Believe me, I slayed everyone because you're mine. I was not perfect at all. Just like others. But, my love for you is greater than all your failures. Brighter than the sunflowers I love. Soaring higher than my dream to fly someday. Why I chose you? I chose you because despite of everything, you made me smile like no others can. You made me the happiest at some point of my life. You spoiled me with unexpected experiences. You were there when they left. You made me laughed when I was sad. You tried your best to surprise me which I will be forever thankful of. You made me the better version of myself. And above all, I love you with all my heart and soul.

Please don't think I ruined your life. In fact, I was not me already when you chose to hurt me. I wish nothing but the best for you.

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God knows how I love you. But sometimes, it is better to let go than see you unhappy on my side. I won't regret loving you and I will always will. I pray that someday, whenever God lets us cross our paths again. I hope at that time I forget all the bad and remember all the good memories. Thank you for the broken heart yet rest assured, I will pick up the pieces by myself and stand up again.

To his next lover,

Be strong. Please have patience on him. He is not showy on his feelings but I assure he has his own ways. He doesn't like dramas and sh1ts as we girls are. So be prepared on that. He works a lot as he dreams big. I know he can do it. Please do back hugs and baby kisses (smack kisses). When he's on pressure due to workloads and family, please listen to him. He loves back and head massage. Those soothe his stress. He loves to eat sweets. Remind him to slow down on that and coffee too. He is a bit messy. Take time to fix his things. He doesn't cook as well. But he loves to eat. I wish you can cook and do laundry sometimes. Indeed, being his girlfriend is not just a status. Be his bestfriend, travel buddy, stress reliever, secret keeper, sister, mother, therapist, nurse, or housekeeper. Be not just a girlfriend yet be the wife material as well. I swear to you, he will be more than you can imagine.

For now, I will do my best to heal myself. But trust me, it will not be easy to love and trust again. Don't think I hate love because of this. I still believe yet I just learned that I chose the wrong one. Which I am not ashamed to admit and regret.

To the last man I loved, I did not give up on you. If I am not your happiness, I will leave happily. The next time, you'll love again. Make it right. You will always have a place in my heart. Always, Doo.

Signing off,

The woman he loved


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