65-year-old lola proudly marches at the senior high graduation

65-year-old lola proudly marches at the senior high graduation

Teresita Andanar Dionglay Photo credit: coconuts.co

- An American poet once said, "For of all sad words of tongue and pen, the saddest are these, 'It Might Have Been'....."

- Imagine reaching a certain age and looking back with regret for not having done something you wanted so badly to try?

- It may have been what Teresita Andanar Dionglay was thinking when she decided to go back to school after her children finished their degrees

As she graduates from the senior high school at the La Salle Greenhills Adult Night School as the second honorable mention, the 65-year-old grandmother proudly marches and accepts the awards bestowed upon her.

Photo credit: definitelyfilipino.com

Named as among the inspiring graduates this year, Nanay Teresita's story had been meant to make people realize that dreams can come true at any age, despite the hardships.

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Orphaned at an early age, she got married at 19 and had to put her studies on hold to raise her children.

With the combined diligence of the couple, their children were able to finish their degrees.

As it had been her lifelong dream to graduate, Nanay Teresita had received nothing but support from her children who said that they are grateful for her sacrifice for them.

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Watch and be inspired with the story of how this grandma finally achieved her dreams of finishing her studies.

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