It's Showtime finally surpases Eat Bulaga's ratings?

It's Showtime finally surpases Eat Bulaga's ratings?

KAMI prepares a small comparison between the shows that we used to watch on TV.

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“We are number one!” I’ve heard this all over every radio station and even on television. What do I believe? This network or that network? This is just so confusing.

This rumor of Showtime surpassing Eat Bulaga needs verification. Let’s try comparing both noon time variety shows in these categories.

Stage appearance

A fact is that ABS-CBN is a much bigger network than GMA. They can renovate stage setting with flourish. Showtime’s stage made of clear glasslike material brings a nice feel in the studio. Spotlights above the stage are making beautiful illusions as contestants do their jaw dropping talents.

In contrast to Showtime’s stage, the floors of Eat Bulaga is a stark white color. It makes the stage look big but it is too plain for an interior designer’s taste. White is not hard to mix with other colors. They really have to find a good interior designer and a team to up their scales in this category.

Both shows have 2 big screens as backdrop for the stage. A long table and seats for judges are provided.

Audience response

“Sample! Sample! Sample!” These loud words most heard in Showtime. The audience wishing for an artist to show her talents either sing, dance or whatever bizarre talent that they have. Jhong Hilario’s jaw dropping tumbling stunts made audience hold their seats. This show not only gives a feeling of suspense and thrill but also happiness and sadness. Teary eyed audience see the heart-warming tribute of mother nature by El gamma penumbra.

Eat Bulaga’s audience show as much fervor.

Variety of shows

Creativity is the question at stake here. With both shows mirroring each other’s segments, it is hard to say who’s better. One thing that’s unique in Showtime is there “Sine mo to” wherein their hosts reenact a storyline. Sadly, this segment is no longer in Showtime. It is replaced by Tawag ng Tanghalan Kids.

In Eat Bulaga, most interesting segment in their show is “Kalyeserye” starring AlDub love team. Next to that, a game of Pinoy Henyo wherein a pair of contestant participate. One will guess what’s the word placed in the other’s forehead while the other confirms if it’s wrong, right or close to the word. “Hindi, Oo at Pwede.” These words are the only words that the former can say. This game is really challenging if the word is difficult.


The currents shows of It’s Showtime that awards prices to the “madla” are Tawag ng Tanghalan Kids, Ginalingan Eh! and Dancing in Tandem: Nagmahal, Nasaktan, Nagsayaw. The price range for their segments is approximately 5,000 and up.

Eat Bulaga is a more generous show. They cater to less fortunate individuals or group. In Manila, it is more popular even if it’s in a smaller network. Due to their prices, a lot of people participate in their game shows.


A group hug happens in It’s Showtime’s stage as every host is present to work. The number of hosts exede the number of fingers and toes that a child has. Clearly, uncountable amount of artists participate in this show. Sometimes, only a few are able to work making the show a bit dull. Vice Ganda, Anne Curtis, Vhong Navarro are just some of the artists that give life to the show.

Eat Bulaga! is the longest running noon-time variety show. A lot of artists have come and go. Currently, the veterans of GMA are present namely Tito Sotto, Vic Sotto and Joey de Leon. 18 co-hosts composing a variety of artists. Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards at the top of the list because of their ratings in the segment “Kalyeserye.”

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Please, share your story!
Please, share your story!


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