Jessica Wilson responds to netizen bashing Baby Archie

Jessica Wilson responds to netizen bashing Baby Archie

- Baby Archie Burnand is the son of model/host Georgina Wilson and British businessman Arthur Burnand

- He got his first taste of bashing on social media when a netizen noticed he got his mother's forehead

- Georgina's sister, Jessica, responded by questioning the basher

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Social media has made us criticize everything we see online, to the point we forget how people on the other side of the screen feel.

Netizens have also become brazen to bash anyone, even a two-month old baby.

Baby Archie Burnand got to experience it at his young age when a netizen commented how his forehead looks like his mother's.

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It is known that Baby Archie is the son of model/host Georgina Wilson with British businessman Arthur Burnand, and that his mother looks completely different without make up.

This netizen commented on a selfie of Georgina's sister, Jessica, and Archie on the former's Instagram account.

Fashion Pulis was able to take a screenshot of the comment before it was taken down.

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Jessica gave a classy reply to the netizen's hateful comment, questioning why would she say that if she herself has a child as well.

Jessica hits back in the sassiest way possible.

Do you think her response was good enough to shut down a basher?

If you do, let us know what you think in the comments!

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Jess Wilson responds to netizen bashing Baby Archie


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