"Kilay is life".This Pinay fixing her 'kilay' in a car window without noticing that the owner in in car!

"Kilay is life".This Pinay fixing her 'kilay' in a car window without noticing that the owner in in car!

- A netizen posts a video on Facebook about a girl fixing her eyebrows using her car’s mirror

- Janica Mae Esguerra didn’t want to bother her, but instead decided to document her

- Netizens are proud that this girl knows her priorities

There are a lot of vain people in the world. These people constantly take selfies and multiple pictures of their faces in every possible angle.

They take up so much time in the bathroom just to make themselves look good.

Their time is consumed by looking at the mirror and checking anything they still need to fix and just to admire their looks.

Even after leaving the house, they take a look at every mirror or reflective surface they encounter to fix whatever.

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Just like this girl in this viral video on Facebook. Janica Mae Esguerra posted last January 26, a video about a girl fixing her eyebrows.

Girls nowadays have been obsessed with makeup. With the rise of Makeup Youtube gurus and readily available makeup everywhere, it’s easy to do your own makeup.

There has been a trend also that focuses on perfecting the eyebrows. This must be why this young girl took her time to do hers.

This girl didn’t seem to notice that there was someone inside the car, perhaps because it was heavily tinted. Esguerra didn’t want to bother the girl, but wanted to document her instead.

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Girl fixing her eyebrows didn’t seem to care about what was happening in the background, especially after a bus, tricycle, and a few other people pass her by. All she wants is for her eyebrows to look perfect.

She captioned the video with “When kilay is life,” which is very apt for the video since the girl is prioritizing her eyebrows over anything else.

The video has become instantly viral with a ginormous 1.1 Million views, 20 thousand views, 6 thousand shares, and almost 5 thousand comments.

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Girls have tagged their best friends who also share the same passion. Boys tag their girlfriends to tease them about their obsession with eyebrows.

Similarly to Pia Wurtzbach, this girl is confidently beautiful with a heart, she just needs to fix her eyebrows first.

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Source: KAMI.com.gh

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