Netizen reviews Jollibee and McDonald's pepper steaks

Netizen reviews Jollibee and McDonald's pepper steaks

- A netizen shared his verdict between Jollibee and McDonald's pepper steaks

- Facebok user Noel Castro compared Jollibee's Pepper Cream Steak and McDonald's Mushroom Pepper Steak

- Jollibee and McDonalds are two of the leading fast food chains in the Philippines

It might just be a co-incidence or there is really a tight competition going on between the leading fast food chains in the country Jollibee and McDonald's.

The two favorite food chains released their new meals almost simultaneously, Jollibee's Pepper Cream Steak and McDonald's Mushroom Pepper Steak.

Facebok user Noel Castro managed to try both meals and shared his verdict in what has been dubbed as "The Battle of Pepper Steaks".

Jollibee and McDonald's (Photo from

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Here is what Noel thinks:

"Review of the Century:

Jollibee's Pepper Cream Steak VS McDonald's Mushroom Pepper Steak

Grabe, mga sir and ma'am. This has been the most difficult contest between the two fastfood giants so far. Parehas silang masarap at mura, so I tried to do a point-by-point breakdown to determine the victor.

1. General Packaging

Wala. Ganun pa rin. Biodegradable parehas. Goods yan. Save the earth.

Jabi's entry is worth P55 per meal (w/ Rice and Drink) while McDo's entry's sold also at P55. Not much difference.

Point goes to: Both

2. Rice

Jollibee Rice never fails to bring contentment to its consumers, pwede ipares sa kahit anong ulam ng Jabi. No rice unwrapping needed. Diretso kain.

McDonald's Rice is for those who want rice that's not too sticky at medyo buhaghag. Laging mainit. Goods naman. Pero medyo hassle yung wrapper lalo na pag nabasa.

Point goes to: Jabi

3. Patty

Jabi and Mcdo have always been consistent with patty quality. The famous burger patty of Jabi is just as tasty as I expected it to be, but the patty of Mcdo has a different kind of meatiness to it that got me going for more.

Point goes to: McDonald's

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4. The Cream

Shette ang sarap nila parehas. The pepper cream mixed well with the taste of Jabi patty, but I know they could do better. The corn toppings on the pepper cream gave a variety of tastes that were very much pleasing. Meanwhile, iba yung itsura nung Mushroom Pepper cream nung Mcdo pagkabukas ng package. Nakakagulat yung aroma nung cream. Tasting it made me forget about all that Empi lite from last nyt. Sobrang solid nung spicy character niya na mafefeel mo sa bibig mo.

Point goes to: McDonald's


The match was tough mehn. It wouldn't really matter who would win between them. Kahit anong mangyari, our stomachs are the real victors here. Kaya kung ako sa inyo, try niyo na parehas. Pero pramis, di ko inexpect but McDonald's wins this time. I'm so sorry Jabi, I tried to convince myself out of love, pero di talaga. Ikaw pa rin naman ang may masarap na chicken.

Sayo, sino ba ang panalo?

Bang-ladesh. Signing out."


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