Counterflowing driver causes multi-car crash in Las Piñas

Counterflowing driver causes multi-car crash in Las Piñas

- CCTV footage shows a Grandia van counterflowing in Las Piñas and causing a multi-car crash

- One of the motorists involved in the car crash is a doctor

- Many netizens were outraged by the actions of the van driver

CCTV footage of a van counterflowing on a road in Las Piñas and then causing a violent car crash involving three other cars had gone viral, with the online community furious with the reckless driver.

According to the video uploader, the black Mitsubishi Mirage involved in the car crash is a doctor.

Counterflowing driver causes multi-car crash in Las Piñas
Counterflow (Photo: Facebook / Narisa Ragos)

The uploader is also asking netizens to help out in identifying the Grandia van which counterflowed and caused the multi-car crash.

The accident took place on September 11 at around 8:50 a.m.

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Netizens were outraged with the van driver who violated traffic rules and caused the accident.

“Tingnan mo kahit hindi na pwede pinilit parin. Yan tuloy nkaperwisyo sa iba. Feeling nila hari sila ng daan,” a netizen wrote.

(The driver violated traffic rules which caused the harm of other motorists. They think that they are kings of the road.)

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Many online users also slammed the Grandia van driver for not stopping and checking on the motorists affected by his traffic violation. Several netizens commented that he should have stopped and checked because a child or a baby might have gotten hurt badly during the multi-car crash.

According to the MMDA, a driver who illegally counterflows will have to pay P2,000 and suffer a three-month suspension of his driver’s license on the first offense. For a second offense, the driver will pay the same amount but will suffer a six-month suspension from driving. A driver who commits a third offense will have his license revoked.

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