PNP Chief Bato dela Rosa claims to be ‘richest cop’

PNP Chief Bato dela Rosa claims to be ‘richest cop’

- PNP Chief Bato dela Rosa said that he is far from being bribed by gambling lords for he is the ‘richest cop in the Philippines’

- His salary stands to be six times larger than the lowest police officer’s (PO1) earnings

- He assumed the possibility that drug lords have paid Abu Sayyaf to bomb the night market in Davao City recently

Philippine National Police (PNP) Chief Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa claimed that he is the ‘richest cop’ in the country during a conference at Camp Olivas in Pampanga on Monday, September 5.

PNP Chief Bato dela Rosa claims to be ‘richest cop’
Dela Rosa says he will not be bribed since he's the 'richest cop in PH.' (Photo credit: Inquirer)

He attributed this trait to be the biggest reason as to why he is not prone to bribery from gambling and drug lords.

When Dela Rosa assumed his position as the director general of the PNP, his salary and allowances rose to P113,114 per month. This is nearly six times over what the lowest Police Officer 1 (PO1) receives a month, which amounts to only P22,696.

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However, Dela Rosa still deducts a portion of his earnings to pay for his current home, the White House, which is the official residence of the PNP Chief at Camp Crame.

This was brought to light when he assumed the possibility of drug lords being the minds behind the explosion at a popular night market in Davao City last Friday which killed at least 14 people, and leaving over 70 injured.

According to a report made by The Philippine Star, Dela Rosa said that they are considering the option that the Abu Sayyaf could have been hired by those involved in the illegal drug trade as a response to the Duterte administration’s ongoing campaign against them.

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In Dela Rosa’s perspective, if the terrorist group kidnaps and holds tourists and other people hostage for money, it is highly likely that they will also bomb people for cash.

Nevertheless, he did not provide evidence as it still remains to be a speculation.

The PNP Director General urged law enforcers to further intensify their current war against drugs, and advised them to not be involved with its trafficking.

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As for the citizens, Dela Rosa assured the public that they have launched investigations regarding the identities of the bombers since then, and told them to not feel terrorized and to continue living their normal lives.

“Bato” dela Rosa was handpicked by Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte to aid him in his battle against the illegal drug trade as the PNP Chief.


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