5 creepy stories in PH you’ve never heard of

5 creepy stories in PH you’ve never heard of

- The Philippines have always been fascinated with horror stories from both local and international setting

- Stories which happened in real life turns out to be scarier for Filipinos when they were traced back in the country

- Rather than fiction, the list consists of entries that were proven true by accounts of people and believers

The fascination of people for stories which can induce nightmares at night was no secret and Filipinos were no exception.

The box-office successes of movies like ‘Conjuring,’ ‘Paranormal Activity,’ and ‘Anabelle’ just proved that people were willing to pay just to scare themselves. In fact, the yearly Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) isn’t complete without a horror entry.

But for your usual sleepover, some individuals prefer a story that hits closer to home – a tale which is more relatable like an urban legend across the street you live in, an anecdote from that friend who swore she saw a ghost in the cubicle, or a hair-rising story which can happen to anyone, even you!

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Here are five creepy stories that happened in the Philippines or to Filipinos.

Warning: Be prepared for some serious goosebumps.

1. Before there were zombies in ‘Walking Dead,’ the Abra tribesmen already exist.

You might think you hold too much grudge against people who wronged you but you can’t be as unforgiving as these men.

The story was documented by French explorer Paul de La Gironière who had an encounter with a tribe in Abra whom he called, Tinguans. Aside from their practice of not changing their clothes which caused their peculiar odor, he discovered something he did not expect.

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Together with his assistant, they watched as the Tinguans celebrated their victory against a rival tribe by displaying the decapitated heads of their enemies together with a big vessel of basi or sugar cane wine. Later on, the warriors cracked the heads and take out the brains of their unfortunate foes. The women pounded those until it can be mixed with the sugar cane wine which everyone would drink after.

5 creepy stories in PH you’ve never heard of
The tribesmen drink the wine with their opponent’s crushed brain to celebrate victory. (Photo credit: mirrorservice.org)

While scholars dismissed Gironière’s accounts, another American explorer also stumbled upon the same practice.

2. Philippine’s Emily Rose, Clarita Villanueva, and her exorcism.

The 18-year old native of Bacolod City might have suffered the same thing or even worse in the movie, ‘The Exorcism of Emily Rose.’

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After being detained in the Bilibid prison, she started claiming that a large creature with curly hair, large eyes, and fangs - together with another smaller creature would bite different parts of her body. This was personally proven by the mayor of Manila at that time, Arsenio Lacson. According to him, he saw bite marks, which are too large and elliptical, appeared out of nowhere in the victim’s body.

5 creepy stories in PH you’ve never heard of
Medical experts couldn’t explain the origin of the bites in Villanueva’s body. (Photo credit: anomalyinfo.com)

During the exorcism done by Rev. Lester Sumrall with two ministers, the reversal of the teenager’s attitude from meek turned to someone who was violent. It ended when Villanueva herself told them ‘the thing’ went out of the window.

3. The Filipina ghost who helped catch her murderer.

Teresita Bana’s burned body was found in her apartment and aside from the “Get tickets for A.S” note, there wasn’t any evidence to catch her killer.

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That was until Dr. Jose Chua called Detective Joe Stachula and claimed that Bana possessed his wife Remy’s body. The spirit was able to identify the name of the murderer which is Allan Showery, the jewelries he stole from her, and her relatives (with their phone numbers!) who can confirm her proofs.

5 creepy stories in PH you’ve never heard of
It was never confirmed if Bana really did come back from the dead just to identify her murderer. (Photo credit: chicagonow.com)

Showery pleaded guilty for the case after he was caught giving the jewelries to his girlfriend.

4. Stories of a priest from Leyte proved that chapels are not safe from ghosts.

It happened in 1951 when a priest from Leyte was praying a ‘Hail Mary’ in Latin alone for the victims of the typhoon from his town, Tanauan. Suddenly, a voice answered him back with a ‘Holy Mary’– also in Latin! Catholic priest Cipriano V. Urgel didn’t sleep properly that night.

5 creepy stories in PH you’ve never heard of
Currently, you can’t call the orange façade of the chapel haunted. (Photo credit: uscbbmedia)

Imagine his surprise when he came back the next night and instead of one, there were several voices who replied to his ‘Hail Mary’ and joined him during the chorus of the Holy Rosary with their crescendo voices. Again, he found himself alone when he looked around.

It turns out that the chapel of the Our Lady of the Assumption was built on a previous cemetery.

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5. The Face-Slashers of 1965

The year was filled with terror when people ranging from grade school to college students were slashed in their faces with a razor blade or knife by unknown men. They would appear out of nowhere, attacked their victim, and then disappear.

This forced the parents to regulate a curfew on their children, most especially in Tondo, where it occurred the most. What was known as a fad turned into something bigger when it happened in almost 600 young people.

5 creepy stories in PH you’ve never heard of
The posters found were linked to a Communist plot but no evidence supported that. (Photo credit: filipiknow.net)

Aside from two posters with the Nazi swastika found in San Francisco del Monte Elementary school and 2 suspects who were apprehended by the authorities, no one really found out the motive behind this scary incident.

This story just proved that most of the times, people should be scared of the living more than the dead.

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In the Philippines, majority of the people believed that the most haunted places are the ones which were occupied during the World War II – those which were traced back as torture chambers of Filipinos under the Japanese soliders. Structures built on top of former cemeteries are also suspected to be filled with ghosts.

Source: KAMI.com.gh

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